Friesland Eleven City Tour

Every winter, begins as soon as it starts to freeze, that many Dutch de Elfstedenkoorts high rise. Many were hoping that the tour tours will finally be able to run. In February 2012 appeared to finally come out of there, but a thawing raid at the last minute threw a spanner in the works. How much of a risk for an Elfstedentocht in 2013 is not much to say. Still, climate scientists indicated that the Elfstedentocht certainly will again be held. On Whit Monday, annually held Elfstedentocht, but it’s not about the harsh winter trip that must rest on skates, but eleven cities bicycle tour. Bicycle Elfstedentocht 2012 are in one hundred years, so during the 2012 Edition will be an official jubileumedtie. On the other hand, has the journey been found in the 79: th century, but once site. As a result, during 2013 again time for a party. The 80 Elfstedentocht on cycle will be ridden.

starting eleven cities bicycle tour on Whit Monday

Bicycle Elfstedentocht

Bike tour Elfstedentocht is an annual bike ride of about 240 kilometres. This tour is by taking this tour by bicycle for a day, quite an accomplishment. Bike Elfstedentocht passes the eleven Frisian cities and is an annual event. Bike Elfstedentocht is held every year on Whit Monday. Bike Elfstedentocht has been held since 1912 by the Foundation for the Frisian eleven cities bicycle tour in Bolsward. Bike Elfstedentocht organised sinds1912 could fortunately be cycled every year since 1947.The only time the bike was Elfstedentocht could not run set for 2001. In 2001, eleven cities bicycle tour was in connection with foot-and-mouth crisis. In 2012, the eleven cities bicycle tour on Whit Monday 28 may 2012. In 2012, the eleven cities bicycle tour celebrates its 100-year anniversary.


Participants of Bike Elfstedentocht can be divided into:

  • racers, fast cyclists;
  • sporting cyclists;
  • cyclists;
  • on a regular cycle;
  • transport bikes;
  • tandem bikes;
  • Recumbents;
  • Bicycle cars.

100 years of bicycle Elfstedentocht

It is the 2012 centenary of Elfstedentocht officially for the first time was by bicycle. However the Elfstedentocht on Whit Monday in 2012 were only held for 79th time. War and economic conditions ensure that the bike Elfstedentocht could not be arranged for years.
May 27, 1912
The first official Elfstedentocht on cycle was organised on May 27, 1912. 278 participants were in this first edition at the beginning, but rain, HailStorm and made sure that many would not reach the goal in Bolsward. The real go-getters who eventually get to the finish line of the very first bicycle Elfstedentocht knew victory was true extreme right and take big risks. The gettrar real extreme right was also evident from the fact that, due to slechtte weather, Zuiderzee Fishermen with their boats remained in port.
Foot-and-mouth disease
Because the Bike trip arranged Elfstedentocht in 1947 almost every year without interruption. Only be set in 2001 because of the bike ride was infection. In the Netherlands and Friesland, there was the year of an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease. In 2001, the Netherlands was happy last ahead of the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease. Fortunately, discovered in 2001 but only two cases of the disease.But it seemed to be contaminated 26 companies in the Netherlands. Of these two companies, where foot-and-mouth disease was found in Ee and Anjum in Friesland. To avoid infection, prevention, it was decided that a large scale in the Netherlands are clear. It was in 2001 at around 2600 enterprises 270 000 animals killed prevention.

Anniversaries that have been riding the bike Elfstedentocht 50 times or more


Until 1958 the Bike can also be operated as ras Elfstedentocht/vaardigheidsrit. There was a contest for attendees on a road bike, and for players on an ordinary fiets. The high costs cause to stop skills riding/racial elements and organizing Bike Elfstedentocht only touring bike ride. It was up to 1964 annually about 300 participants in eleven cities bicycle tour. From 1964 the interest was higher on an annual basis.

List of participants and details

Maximum number of participants reached

It has long been a debate if the participation of the maximum number of cyclists and the large number who are not allowed to participate. In the Organization, however, involved many different parties.Remember, but the organizers, employees, road authorities, Shoemaker, sports massage therapists, first aid, police, Red Cross and other individuals and entities. The result is that such an event as eleven cities bicycle tour a maximum number of cycling fans can participate. The idea of letting the bike Elfstedentocht start at different locations also provide too many organizational problems. The start will therefore remain in Bolsward and the participants all cycling the same way.


Bolsward start participants in eleven cities bicycle tour of 23 groups. Each group consists of about 600 participants. The first group starts on Whit Monday at 05:00. Then depart every eight minutes a group and the final group will leave at 07:56. Some bands gives their cooperation at the beginning and follow the riders to the first checkpoint and the checkpoint after the start the participants of their 240-kilometer bike ride. 24.00 closes the final inspection. Along the cycling fans are encouraged by thousands of spectators.


Route in eleven cities bicycle tour is slightly different from the Elfstedentocht, which gets covered ice skating during the winter months. If riders are accustomed Elfstedentocht in Leeuwarden start start cycling enthusiasts in Bolsward. This city is not just the beginning and the end of this tour, but will also be visited during the trip. Route in eleven cities bicycle tour 2012 have been adjusted slightly.Because of the 100-anniversary guided route riders including through the historic city centre of Franeker.