Friday Evening: Complete Look In Black

“I’m going to see the sun again – it’s always cloudy!” And “It’s time for spring!” … so roughly The tenor of the last days-also here on my blog and suddenly he was there: the spring!

Very wonderful with lots of sun and really warm temperatures. I have also seen some ladies in the airy summer dress and FlipFlops streaking through the city. I believe, however, these girls had still youthful heat… I have my UGGs in any case not yet cleared in the box… jaaaa laughs only….But at the announced 5 degrees at the weekend, the Schaffell Boots will warm my feet at home… At my age you are finally prepared…

The Garden Of Stupid People

…so sometimes… actually only when it comes to my wardrobe. As early as 3 January, the spring could break out at 20 degrees. I would be prepared !!! This can be said, however, less from the garden or from the windows… I’ve caught myself this week, as I have the morning and the nightly darkness back. The gardenchaos has already eliminated the favorite man and last week he has been busy studying old things and planting new ones … He means this winter eh times, our garden looks like stupid people! Ohhh God-he’s a bit right… But you should be with us before, do not let it impress you and ring nevertheless. Perhaps we are not so stupid. But you have to wait until we open the door, because you can not look through the windows… unless-I clean them at the next weather forecast… this week the rain was faster because the little angel and the devil on my shoulder Had not finished their discussion…. Ahem… O:-) I could spend the gift time now yes, google a window cleaner?

Complete Look In Black For The Party

But before I do that, I’ll show you the outfit that I want to go dancing with tonight… instead of cleaning windows. I find that much better and in the dark, the whole cleaning company does not make any sense anyway… hehe…. Whether I am the complete look in black tonight, I do not know yet so exactly. There is still a gray jeans… I just jumped into the shopping basket… and as always with new things-I would like to put on a lot and like to wear them all at once.However, for a party of black is always a good choice… hmmmm I think and I still have until tonight before I have to decide … hehe … Have a nice Friday and nen great start to the weekend dear all …

Leather Pants: BOSS Orange-a leather pants is also great in blue (Affiliatelink), but my unchallenged number one remains black leather and with Edited(Affiliatelink) is size M, L and XL just a bargain. I’ve ordered her and I’m curious about what she looks like.

Top: Dorothee Schumacher-black tops are like sand at the sea and I always look for a special. Like the shirt of Nümph(Affiliatelink) for example-is indeed a totally different style, but makes nüscht I think, a black Blusentop(Affiliatelink) made of viscose I have also found and super refined, I find the Blusentop of Armani (Affiliatelink) Jeans, that would be synonymous in white.

Blazer: H & M-the black blazer by Tigha (Affiliatelink) is chic and affordable and the Blazer by Red Valentino (Affiliatelink) is chic but unfortunately not so affordable… but I like this little pussy and I can dream….

Shoes: Bruno Premi (Affiliatelink)-there are still sizes 40 and 41 and also in other colors.