Free whatsapp: Changeover Ensures Vortex on the Web

Subscription conversion: whatsapp asks for patience

Facebook daughter whatsapp has begun to shift the date paid subscription accounts and permanently free to make. In social networks, many users who speak of problems log this topic: time appear the message that whatsapp is free in the profile, then the note disappears. Whatsapp himself writes a blog entry that the transition successes in the next few weeks. In other words: They ask still for a little patience, until all accounts actually accordingly changed were.

Facebook makes it possible: whatsapp free

Whatsapp announced the change on January 18, 2016. The acquisition has allowed us to focus on growth and not to think about making money s0 co-founder Jan Koum on the Internet-Conference DLD in Munich. He said whatsapp wool mix with greater communication between businesses and consumers, with a view to a possible future business model.

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Competition in the own house?

This is however also a focus at the Facebook Messenger, the second short message service of the online network, which has over 800 million users according to the most recent. So far they shared up so, that whatsapp focuses on a slim basic communication, and first in the United States one of the Messenger kind of Swiss army knife with many offerings such as payment service or travel agency.

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Whatsapp/Facebook: fruitful cooperation

Whatsapp has over 900 million users worldwide, the acquisition by Facebook’s were still around 450 million. Almost exactly two years ago Koum said on the sidelines of the DLD yet, the subscription fee should ensure the independence of whatsapp in the long term. The money is enough, he then asserted the company act very sparingly. The deal with Facebook have allowed whatsapp to use the infrastructure of the world’s largest online network – for example, when the introduction of voice telephony, which otherwise would have required many resources of its own, Koum said now. At the same time, whatsapp have can keep largely the independence, he stressed. So, software development continues to run on its own platform. Administrative functions such as personnel or services a legal adviser whatsapp, however, refer to Facebook structures.

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No access to investigators

Demands for a way for authorities to circumvent the encryption, Koum gave a clear rejection. Talk about back doors is not particularly productive, because we will build no backdoors into our software, he hooked up. At the moment, if there is a such access for investigators, he would be discovered by online criminals.

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