Fossil Watches-a History of Watches

Founded in 1984 in the U.S. State of Texas, are the brothers Tom and Kosta Kartsotis that continue today behind this brand of accessories and sets of great success. Fossil, which literally means “fossil”, was the nickname that these brothers did your grandfather!

The Fossil soon began dealing in the world of watchmaking, thanks to innovative and timeless design of its lines of watches that have marked a pace unmatched in the industry. However, in the Decade of 90, the onslaught in the fashion world seemed like the next step. The Fossil went on to submit collections for men and women in the sectors of clothing and accessories, jewelry, wallets and sunglasses.

Touted as the first creator of American watches the match, successfully, the relation price-quality-style, the Fossil was inspired in the American way of life to draw a line of casual watches and other classical, both highly functional and irresistible prices. To their own brands (Fossil, Relic and Abacus), the company joined the Zodiac Watch, in 2001, guaranteed a presence Switzerland in your growing empire. In 2004 this was followed by a Michele Watch, also Switzerland, positions itself as a luxury brand.

The success of the brand has been so massively over the past two decades that the Fossil has become sought after by other companies and designers -Burberry, Emporio Armani, DKNY, Adidas, Diesel, Philippe Starck, Frank Gehry, Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs, among others-who intended to launch watches in partnership. Behind the scenes, the Fossil idealises the dials and the boxes and, in terms of production, makes the Assembly using prefabricated components.

With many styles to choose from, each featuring more or fewer functions, there are Fossil watches for men and women: from the most casual to the most sports and classics and bold, passing by the pocket watches. The Fossil is still known by your wide range of collectibles that carry characters, movies or popular themes for their watches, case: Elvis Presley, Superman, Batman, Snoopy, Pokemon, Star Wars, “the Chronicles of Narnia” and “The Pirates of the Caribbean”, among many others. Highlight is the Fossil Wrist PDA, the first of your kind and which combines, in the wrist, an LCD touch-screen, the functions of clock, calendar, calendar and alarm, among others.

Honored with several awards in recent years, in 2006 the Fossil came back showing off to launch a watch with a small LED display with caller ID function. Synchronized with the mobile phone, in addition to show who’s calling, the watch vibrates to alert you that the phone is ringing.