Formal Dresses Retro Style

Now in this new article I want to show you a wide variety of the latest trends in dresses of 15 years for gorditas. If you’re one of the women who always want to be stylish and look more elegant dresses, especially for the celebration of the feast of fifteen years, this article you will love.

The celebration of the feast of 15 years is where any girl want to be beautiful, dazzling, radiant, and with the latest fashion, for which these beautiful models of dresses that I now show you are special. But not to be a girl of large size think that these disadvantaged or not find dress ideal model for you, since these models of dresses that I show you now are perfect for gorditas girls of large size.

Short vintage dresses

Every girl has their own attributes that allow to look with a feminine par excellence and a unique personal style. Knowing this you can wear party dresses for your teenager that you can show your

Formal Dresses Retro Style

best attributes on this special day. You can choose a short dress for any celebration or simply as a second dress only for dancing, although currently quinceañeras dare to wear a short dress only to achieve a more youthful look.

Neutral dresses

For the feast of 15 years, mostly all girls opt for gowns of pink, Fuchsia, purple or lilac, but so that you can make a difference and show off an original style, don’t hesitate to use a dress of fifteen years of neutral color such as black, for example. Black is stylish and what better that complement it is with youth details, in addition that is a design with glitters.

Long dresses

To keep you as all a Princess do not hesitate to use a long dress, but in addition to being like a Princess on this important day, you also look fashionable and with an original style, opt for a long dress in layers which is what currently is in trend. For example, this beautiful model you see in the picture below has layers in the area of the skirt.

Vintage tips:

No matter what size you are, only have to have a little patience to find the model of perfect dress, that best fits your style of body and allow you to highlight your tributes.

Take all the time necessary to find the dress that you attach to perfection, since a very snug to the body or very loose dress not to wear well as you like.