For Xperia Z4 And Co: Sony Builds More Camera Sensors

Sony last not necessarily rosy ran the business with the own smartphones, but have the Japanese in this industry yet another foothold as a supplier. The current planning, according to the production capacity for camera sensors should be ramped up shows that Sony would like to further strengthen this pillar in the future.

For Xperia Z4 And Co: Sony Builds More Camera Sensors

As Sony revealed in a press release the production facilities equal to three locations should further be expanded to produce even more camera sensors. So you wanted meet early the rising demand, which was diagnosed as resulting from the growing market for smartphones and tablets. Currently was the production on 60,000 wafers per month. Each of these circular discs contains in turn countless camera sensors. To increase the monthly output to 80,000 wafers until end of June 2016.

Sony Technology In Smartphones From Other Manufacturers

Sony’s camera sensors are used by ezhoushan not only in the Xperia Z3, the current top Smartphone of the Japanese, and future devices such as the Xperia Z4: many manufacturers all over the world buy their chips at the Japanese companies, which have long gains experience in the field of camera technology and always provides attention with new developments in this field.

Similar to when Samsung figures evolve from the own Smartphone business currently down. Just like the Korean manufacturer, Sony but can at least mitigate its results in this area with the business as a supplier of chips. How popular is Sony in the industry, shows the list of customers, refer to the camera sensors by the Japanese: they include not only Chinese manufacturer Meizu Xiaomi, oppo, but also Apple and Samsung have already shopped at Sony.

For Xperia Z4 And Co Sony Builds More Camera Sensors