For Summer 2016 Makeup Trends

For summer 2016 makeup trends brings the best of two worlds. Great designers have highlighted several proposals that, contrary to what we saw in the spring, are well suited to the style of every woman – is to keep your routine to the minimum or you love to wear the latest fashion. Wait no more and put in practice the makeup trend for this sun-filled season!

Natural makeup

Although the summer is color and boldness, this 2016 season it promotes a fresh face, almost without make-up or with a touch of Golden Sun. This “clean” effect can get it thanks to ringtones as pastry, nudes, colors, Earth and beige – the important thing is that you cover the imperfections of your skin for a perfect result. A neat and natural makeup is as or more difficult to achieve than one eccentric, so focus on the suitable use of Foundation makeup- looking one that resembles your skin tone or prefer the moisturizers with color – and of course, give priority to the corrective makeup, that way you will be able to conceal and accentuate your features more famous.

The texture is another essential for this makeup trend – choose those flushes in gel or cream, because they give you a more natural and healthy look.

Trend of eyes

After a spring full of warm colors and bright, including makers and neon shades, this summer eye makeup trend occurs with colder palettes. Tones such as blue, turquoise, rose and lilac pale, green water and grey seize of the warm season. Of course, pearly, metallic and Golden shadows in general continue to being betting safe. Make sure that this makeup for the summer go according to your eye color and skin type.

Lips trend

For the summer, the color on the lips will be a must. Similar to what we saw in last season, Fuchsia tones, Bubblegum pink, wine, cherries, corals and reds so unforgettable – in all its variety – will be the protagonists of the summer. As always, it is essential to take a strong lip with a soft eye makeup. Remember to apply it correctly to avoid bad times. For its part, the lipstick and “naked” glitters and even with a hint of gold enhance any Tan immediately. The same goes with the women of Tan or brown skin. If you opt for a natural make-up, Scrubs – like this! and balsams will be beneficial for your lips.

Powders and tanning beds bases

A summer isn’t summer without that golden touch of color. After the winter, the skin is paler that usual – there is where makeup comes in action: some bronzing powders will give you color without spending hours in the Sun or tanning beds. The trend for this summer proposed new foundations and powders with natural pigments that offer color gradually – this product is a perfect example. Best of all is that new products for the summer are adapted to white or super skins dark, declaring that anyone can have an amazing skin. Key bronzing powders and foundations will be in the application: make it where the Sun could reach first your face, i.e., cheeks, nose, Chin and forehead. These cosmetics are also provided to define or give volume to your face, just follow these Tips. Finally, new self-tanners that exist in the market will become the value added for the summer 2016.

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