Football League Netherlands

The Dutch Eredivisie, the highest football division in the paid competition. The annual fight in which eighteen clubs participating, will be the National Championship. The winner can call itself officially Champion professional football in the Netherlands. Traditional clubs like Ajax and PSV will often run away with the title, but Feyenoord, AZ and FC Twente had to take credit. About Dutch football is saying more. A summary of the facts and details!

Ado Den Haag

“Ado, add in your strengths, United to work.”
The Haaglandse Football Club “All the exercise by the Hague,” abbreviated Ado Den Haag, has the nickname “Residence Club” and “FC Den Haag. The Club was founded in 1905 and currently plays at home in Kyocera Stadium in the Hague. ADO Den Haag has been twice champion and has twice won the KNVB Cup. Players dressed in green/yellow striped dress, know the so called Hague fifteen minutes “scene late in the second half, where the Club pull pull out all the stops to make the goal. The Stork has a role in Ado, the mascot for the Club’s Storky ‘, derived from the English word for stork: stork. The stork is a symbol of the city of the Hague. And “Oh, oh the Hague? This song by Harry Jekkers was not written specifically for ADO Den Haag, but brought into the arena to hear quite often. The number refers to the ADO and some former players.


“Dapp’re warriors, proud and bold.”
Amsterdam Soccer Club Ajax, named after the courageous Greek Warrior Ajax, the current masters. The players have three stars on their red/white shirt, symbolizing the thirty times the Championship in the Netherlands. But this makes Ajax a lot more prizes: four times won EM 1/UEFA Champions League and when EM 2, in Uefacup, twice WORLD CUP, three times the European Supercup, Intertoto Cup, eighteen times the KNVB Cup and seven times the Johan Cruijff scale. Cruyff is widely regarded as the best Dutch footballer of all time. His Jersey number 14 is no longer supported as a tribute. AJAX’s nickname is “the Gods Sons” and “amsterdam”. The Club was formed in 1900 and the Amsterdam Arena in their area.


“The battle starts now.”
AZ got its name from “Alkmaar Zaanstreek” and was founded in 1967. Since 1998, they play in the Premier League. The red/white-clad football players in AFAS Stadion in the cheese city Alkmaar. The prices there were plenty: the club won the champions league, they won the KNVB Cup, Johan Cruyff, and they became champion first division and second division champion. Top scorer on AZ Kees Kist, who vouched for 212 goals. Club Mascots AZ is “Daredevils”, as in every game to encourage the team.

De Graafschap

‘D ‘ ran! ”
Professional football De Graafschap is also known as ‘ Super Farmers ‘. Super Farmers is known throughout the Netherlands and to fight, atmosphere and togetherness. The concept is not only the players, but also called supporters De Graafschap. The Club is housed in Doetinchem and was founded in 1954. the Championship is still not achieved, it was the Club Champion three times in the first division. Guus Hiddink was the player ever at De Graafschap. The uniform is blue/white striped. And “d” ran “is not just about anything:”. Received the “means Of the playing field is level with the centre point, place a tray with text D?? ran out. The players come onto the pitch, they first see the text.

Ardeo Excelsior

‘ Ferme guys, tough guys. ”
Ardeo Excelsior is a Rotterdam Club, comes from the District of Kralingen, hence the nickname “Kralingers. The “old paper club” is another famous nickname of the Club was founded in 1902. Ardeo stands for professional soccer Foundation and the small arena Woudestein their home port. Excelsior has been three times champion first division. Collaboration maintains the Club with Feyenoord as the Excelsior is a hotbed for Feyenoord. Excelsior was also the first Club to do so would shirt advertising. The players in red/black uniform.


“Hand in Hand, comrades.”
Feyenoord Rotterdam football club is the most famous, also called “stage Club”, “pride of the South” and “the people’s Club” is called. It was founded in 1908 and the play’s Kuip. At the beginning of each football season landed in the cockpit of a helicopter that shows the new players appear. Feyenoord won the KNVB Cup eleven times, once the first EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP, the UEFA Cup twice and once in the World Cup. To find the Feyenoord stadium are wonderful things. So there is a stuffed Seagull, due to shots from goalkeeper Eddy Treytel in 1970, whose foot took a Seagull! You will also find a real football team from 1890, the oldest item in the collection. Rivals Feyenoord? AJAX and Sparta city. A match against Ajax is referred to as “classic”, and serious fans riot therefore remains not out.Feyenoord fans called “The Legion”.

Fc Groningen

“Let us once again squeal.”
Groningen Football Club, playing in green and white in the Euroborg Stadium in Groningen, also called North Pride. The Club has a turbulent history including a bankruptcy was close, but remained stable in recent years. The Club also became the KNVB Cup finalist. The biggest competitor to FC Groningen, SC Heerenveen. Play them against each other, it is called “North derby.” FC Groningen also has a mascot: polar bear Groby also helps the players on their victories and wears Jersey number 71, the year of establishment. Acquaintances who have played in FC Groningen’s Erwin and Ronald Koeman.

SC Heerenveen

“All from head to toe is generally for Heerenveen.
Heerenveen is also called Super Frisians, and was founded in 1920. The best player in the history of Abe Lenstra Heerenveen is that 523 goals to his name as well and despite many offers from clubs on the other side of the border, remained loyal to SC Heerenveen. The stadium also got its name: Abe Lenstra stadion. The Club has played seventeen seasons in the League and also when the KNVB Cup should win.They will be shown in red/white/blue on the field. Also a downside: the Club in 1960 had the dubious honour of being the first Dutch Club as a punishment was forced to play a match without spectators.

Heracles Almelo

“We are one, we are Heracles.”
Heracles, with emphasis on the first syllable, is playing at Almelo in Polman stadion. The name Heracles is named for the smart, strong Greek demigod Hercules, also known as Hercules. The players of the Club, which was founded in 1903, is also called “Heraclieden”. Facts: Heracles was the first big League club which played on artificial turf, and the first dark pro players in the League was “black meteor,” the South African Steve Mokone, who joined the Club in 1957. Club uniform Heracles is black/white striped.

NAC Breda

“Nac Hup, hup Nac.”
NAC Breda is an abbreviation of Noad tips Advendo combination, and grew out of a fusion in 1912. Rat Verlegh, Breda stadium ‘ Stadium, and players are “Rats”, “Yellow army” and called the Pearl of the South. The name “Rat” comes from the nickname of player antoon Verlegh played the agile and cunning.The Club was champion in 1921 and won the KNVB Cup 1973 yellow/black-clad players has an additional name that is unspeakable: “never stop always persevere fun by funny and useful combination of relaxation, the secret meaning of” Noad tips Advendo “;). NAC is nationally and internationally known for their “Night NAC. This is a mix of Burgundian hospitality, beverage, fanaticism and passion for the Club. .

N.e.c. was

“Once again, we go to war for red, black and green!”
Never say “neck” instead of “And Ee, Cee,” because it is viewed by supporters as a scandal. It is often commented on it with the words “Your neck is here, but the NEC sit here. NEC Nijmegen Eendracht abbreviation of combination, playing in Nijmegen on the Goffert Stadium. The Club was founded in 1900 and was a finalist four times in the KNVB Cup. History is rich, so did the Club’s financial problems to full stages. Lean years for the golden years. By “sluggish” soccer to unprecedented scenes.


“Come on now red fading, before PSV.”
PSV Eindhoven in 1913 arose as sponsor of the Sports Club Philips still. Nickname for ca: Red-white and Boeruh. Willy van der purchaser is, with 528 matches and 311 goals the top scorer in the League, got a statue near Philips Stadium. Besides him PSV produced many more top players: Ruud van Nistelrooy, Mark van Bommel, Arjen Robben and Ibrahim Afellay are only examples. They now play in European clubs. The outcome was not, who was PSV 21 x champion, she won eight times and the KNVB Cup, the Super Cup eight times, once a UEFA Cup once and the European Cup first.

RKC Waalwijk

“At RKC triumph …”
Roman Catholic combined Waalwijk was founded in 1940 and is playing in yellow/blue in Mandemakers Stadion in Waalwijk. First Division Championship since RKC 2010/11 they came back in the League. Yet the RKC have more difficult times. The Club is a significant budget deficit on paper have been bankrupt. Ben Mandemakers sponsor announced a rescue plan for the Club. Thus, a compromise was reached between RKC, Mandemakers kitchens, sponsor Erik Berkhof and the municipality of Waalwijk. Subsequently, a “clean” needs. Famous players like Giovanni van Bronckhorst and Khalid Boulahrouz played once at the Club, who still uses a lion as the mascot.

Roda JC

“Roda, Roda, Roda loose more joa.”
Roda is actually called Sports Club roda Kerkrade Juliana combination. Was founded in 1962 and currently plays in the Parkstad Limburg Stadium in Kerkrade have “koempels” as their nickname is, twice won the KNVB Cup. Koempel means originally “friend”, but for someone who works in a mine. The Club presents itself today is no longer solely Roda JC, but “Kerkrade” appended to the name. This was a condition of the municipality Kerkrade, in Exchange for financial support. Jan Jongbloed has for several years been a goalkeeper for the Club. And the RKC have played in 37 years in the League.Continuously. The Club’s colours are yellow/black.

FC Twente

“Once we will be champion.”
FC Twente, also known as FC Twente or ‘ The Reds ‘, which has existed since 1965. Their home base is Grolsch Veste in Enschede. EPI Drost is the star player of the Club. He was named FC Twente’s Footballer of the century and a tribute in the form of a picture using colored chairs in the second ring in the arena. FC Twente was champion three times won the KNVB Cup and two times the Johan Cruijff scale. Are you a supporter, you can purchase a brick that will be placed in the “wall of fame” outside the arena. This wall of fame, symbolizes the bonds between the Club and the fans. Soccer uniforms are red.

FC Utrecht

“Always forward …”
“Football Club Utrecht, also called” Utreg “is playing at the Galgenwaard Stadium in Utrecht. The football club was founded in 1970 and has many top players to put, for example. Willem van Hanegem, Dirk Kuyt, Hans van Breukelen and Jan Wouters. The red/white game team members stood guarantor for many awards: Three times the KNVB Cup and once Johan Cruijff scale. They also have a mascot. Tiger and Tiger Girl players always helps forward. Unfortunately, FC Utrecht, known for its notorious past in terms of riots, and therefore is seen as a real “people’s Club”. The classic rival FC Utrecht Ajax, which makes the games against them is considered to be loaded.


“Yellow and black are the colors.”
In the Gelredome in Arnhem Vitesse plays, which was founded in 1892. The penalty is a shortened nickname of the Club NEC from Nijmegen sees as a big rival. Play both clubs it is called “Derby in the East” or “Eastern derby. Vitesse attaches great importance to its core values: committed, unwavering and insistent. The latter is reflected in the logo of the Club. It shows two eagles, mirrored. Even in the city of Arnhem, to this weapon see. The Eagle represents the Duke, a true American Eagle. There is a home game for the match, then Duke flies a couple of laps around the stadium. A live mascot so!

VVV Venlo

“Tourist Office, Cool, ‘t Hart beat Venlo VVV Heej everything!”
VVV Venlo stands for Football Association of Venlo. Cool stadium is home to the Club which was founded in 1903. Kylorgan “the pit”, and the arena is actually built in a pit. The most successful player in Venlo, Jan Klaassen which have earned their statue to come out 505 times for VVV and 57 times for the Dutch national team, and was twice champion Feyenoord. The yellow/black-clad players has an official fan club that calls itself ‘ D’n twellefde man. If this is not pleasing is. ..!
“Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assurement you, it is much more serious than that. “~ Bill Shankly.