First Impression: Evernew Ultra-Light Titanium Cooker

For a long time I am looking for the perfect Ultralight cooking pot for my stove setup. This pot should be made of titanium for weight and health reasons. In addition, it should be deep but not too deep. So you can also spoon with the short spork. In contrast to my Caldera Keg, I did not want to be able to make a bag of food. In addition, the pot should already have Henkel. An additional forceps usually weighs more and is also times already laid. After extensive research on the Internet, my choice finally fell on the Evernew Titanium pot with 1.3l (ECA253) capacity.

Evernew Titanium Pot 1,3l

Even as the package arrived, you could guess the low weight. I had the feeling that the postman pressed a blank package into my hand. The only thing that weighed was probably the bill. For a preliminary: the Evernew pot is not cheap! A total of 53 € I had to look for it. For this I now have one of the lightest Titentöpfe which exist.

The Evernew Titentopf comes with lid and a net bag. The processing itself is well done and gives pleasure. What is left is the Titanium at Evernew only with the help of oils into its form pressed. It is not heated and can thus be processed relatively thinly. It is only 0.3mm thin and therefore lighter than many competing products. The pot incl. Lid weighs 132g.

The Lid

The lid itself weighs only 35g. If you omit this and take aluminum foil instead, then the weight can be pressed again by a few grams. However, I like the stable cover from Evernew. It provides protection against sharp objects that may be in the pot during transport. He also does not go as fast as a piece of aluminum foil.


Weight pot: 97g (re-weighed)

Weight Lid: 35g (reweighted)

Weight Packing: 23g (re-weighed)

Material: Titanium

Wall thickness: 0.3mm

Henkel with heat-resistant silicone cover