Firefox Will Gain Bew Default Theme Later This Year

The Firefox development roadmap won news this week. It is for this script (actually a wiki linked to it) that we learned that Mozilla was planning to implement support for Windows 8 Metro interface in your primary browser. Now we find that Firefox will have a standard interface change in a future version should still get this year.

The new theme will be the Australis and change, according to Mozilla, it will happen that “Firefox is a modern browser […] and the new theme he will offer a more inviting and reliable user experience.” You can see up there as should be the version for Windows 7 and below is the interface to other systems (including one for the Android).

Mozilla’s plan is to integrate this theme as default in Firefox in any version released from the second half of 2012. Along with it will also get extensions performance indicators, improvements in the management of multiple tabs and even a language translation service integrated.

If you want to test the new theme for how the new layout is to your current Firefox, just install this theme here. And make some minor modifications, such as changing certain place buttons. But the theme is the same. More or less.