Find Out Which Song Is Playing

Motorola phones come with the MotoID application previously installed. This program lets you find out which music is playing in the environment you are in. The collection in which the research is done has approximately 3.2 million songs. I’ve done a lot of testing and, amazingly, MotoID has not missed any music, even the rarest ones.

Find Out Which Song Is Playing

MotoID to discover music for you

If you have a Motorola mobile phone, look for this application in your program listing and get started. Just open the program, place the cell phone next to the speaker and click the button for identification. It works wonderfully well, and will identify the song quickly, showing the artist and album to which the song belongs. Even in re-recordings, MotoID can distinguish it from the original song. Very cool.

What do I need for MotoID to work?

An internet connection is required for music to be identified. The identification is done remotely, since the audio recorded with your device must be sent to the MotoID servers. The microphone of your device must be working perfectly for identification. If you place the phone too close to or too far from the speakers, the music identification may be impaired. Aim the microphone to the side of the sound for easy identification of the music.

Which devices does MotoID work on?

It runs from the old Motorola phones to the newer Android smartphones . If you have a Motorola handset, take the test. You will be impressed.

Are there any other application options for identifying music?

Shazam, Midomi, Soundhound, are just a few examples of apps to identify songs you’re listening to.

Have you used one of these apps yet? Which ones did you like the most?