Feng Shui in Your Purse and Wallet

Keep good energy and attract prosperity following simple tips

Imagine one of these situations. Queue at lunch break and crowded restaurant. The person on your front opens the wallet and a lot of post-its, cards and coins fall. The queue does not come on. Or, at the exit of the parking lot the woman turn the purse-huge-and can’t find the car keys. Boring, very boring. Avoid these situations and consequent negative energies leaving your wallet and your purse in order and with a good Feng Shui. Plus, a bag and a wallet organized is a sign of good energy in finance and the opposite Valley. So, check out the tips and get your bag already and your wallet!

  • Little pieces of papers with notes, shopping lists, vouchers and debit/credit or business cards, reminder of the doctor’s return, invoices, mini-calendários. A real montoeira of papers inhabit purses and wallets. Turn to your and see what really needs to be kept. A good tip to avoid the build-up is refusing to duplicate credit or debit card, ask to see the establishment and dispense your. And you still consumes less paper and helps the environment.
  • Archive at home or at work paid accounts and dispense-after-Conference lefties of checkbooks. Leave these items in your wallet or purse is a constant reminder that that money’s gone.
  • Safeguard your prosperity: don’t let just put your credit cards or checkbooks that are symbols of prosperity.
  • Enjoy the purses and wallets with many breakdowns and/or partition to keep things organized by sciencedict: calendar, cell phone, keys, makeup bag, medicine.
  • Each one in your place. Thus, it becomes easier to find the items and the energy circulate better.
  • Good colors for purses and wallets:black symbolizes water symbolizes money. Red is the color of success and prosperity. Silver and gold reminiscent of wealth.
  • To attract good luck in finances and prosperity, has in the bag or wallet three Chinese coins tied in a red wire.