Fear of Childbirth in Late Pregnancy

At last! The baby is here soon! However, in the anticipation, fear of childbirth mingles with the most Mamas.

All moms on the moment when the baby is there finally look forward after nine months of pregnancy . Specifically, the last few months with the ever thicker and belly are exhausting. But the joy of the baby, is troubled by the upcoming birth. The whole horror stories of day labor and unbearable pain make sure that many women have panicked fear of childbirth.

Not entirely wrong. Fear of childbirth should be definitely not devalued or played down, as babyinger says. Even a fast, natural birth without complications associated with great pains. To the extent these can be absorbed by your PDA, but not all women want the injection for the pain. And before the syringe is used at all, the expectant MOM has of course also been severe pain.

Open discussion – for example with the midwife – are important to take the fear of childbirth. When the first baby, you should also be sure visited a birth preparation courses . Here, the process of birth is discussed exactly. Also relaxation and breathing techniques are learned so that it will be a little easier.

All easy vs. fear before the second birth

Some moms are deep relaxed for the second child, because they know what to expect. But also the reverse can occur. The mother was indeed nervous for the first child, but has a much greater fear of the second birth. Often these panic of complications and bad experiences with child number one comes. Also here, you should take seriously the expectant MOM and try to take her fear.

Help talks with the doctor and the midwife of the first birth. If the mother understands what happened back then, she sees more, that this birth is very different. She feels safe.

Tip: So that it does not even come to the strong fear of the second birth, should be talking with doctor and midwife on the course after the first birth. As pregnant women are perceived much more dramatic things like intervention in the course of the birth, than it actually is in most cases. In conversation, the unit can be used to such things resolved and prevented fear the next birth.

Fear of the birth by caesarean section

Most women wish for a natural birth and are afraid of giving birth by caesarean section. Because it is not natural and what can go wrong during the operation. This concern is unfounded. A caesarean section is not riskier than a natural birth.

For women with a strong fear of a natural birth, it can be even a better alternative as it braced in fear and that slows down the process of birth.

You’re a case for a planned caesarean section, you should discuss exactly with the doctor, what happens, what complications there are and how likely they are.

This helps against the fear of childbirth

The birth is painful and makes every woman at their borders. Fear of childbirth is nothing wrong and certainly be ashamed not for that. Will help you, you should talk your worries in time before doctor or midwife.

You need to consider in what environment you want to bring your child to the world. It must be not the classic hospital bed, water births or birth houses are also possible. So you know what you should sit apart in advance exactly with the birth. This gives security and self-confidence and helps to combat the fear of childbirth.

People who like can use aroma therapy or acupuncture in the weeks before the birth, to alleviate the fears.

During the birth itself, you should take advantage of the breathing techniques you learned in the antenatal classes. The birth can be accelerated by movement of the pelvis, walking or standing.