Fashion Gestation: Clothing and Shoes for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a phase of transformation, much dreamed by most women. In this period, the body assumes new curves, already thinking of the adaptation of the woman waiting for the so-awaited baby. It is also in this stage that the feminine wardrobe opens to new possibilities, showing that pregnant women can, yes, elaborate comfortable, modern looks and following the latest trend trends.

To inspire future moms, based on we have gathered some hints of clothing and shoes for pregnant women who have everything to boost and value production. Shall we check it out?

Look for Work

At work and on formal occasions, the moccasin in the color Marsala – the color of the winter 2016 – enters the scene as a modern and comfortable alternative. Here, the option stands out because it has the advantage of counting on rubber-soled, offering more security for the pregnant woman.

Moreover, the choice combines seamlessly with trousers from different models–including the models themselves for the gestation period, with the adapted waistband. You’ll have to finish this production with a more am aware that shirt.

Day to Day: Comfortable Production for Pregnant Women

Considering the usual swelling in the feet, the hint is to give priority to broader and comfortable footwear such as the Espadrille, which are ideal for hot days. The remainder of the production is on account of gowns with bermudinhas, lightweight dresses or blouses passed at the breast height, for example.

Look Comfy for Gravidinhas

To seek greater comfort, know that the mesh tends to be a great ally! The tissue counts with the advantage of stretching, molding itself to the body, without tightening. Take advantage and invest in blouses, trousers, sweatshirts and dresses for knitted pregnant women. Already on the feet, the slippers are also among the preferred in the comfort aspect, being easy to find flexible and soft models.

The recommendation also goes for the choice of the purse. In this case, the call bucket bag (known as “satchel Pouch”) is a practical and well-balanced alternative with the pregnancy silhouette.

Clothes for Tours

Reinforcing trendy trends, tennis are also great asked for day to day and especially for more casual rides. It is wrong, however, who thinks that the possibilities are limited to sporting models, and can use and abuse bets like white tennis, with prints or leather.

If during the ride the idea is to display the belly, do not hesitate to choose fair pieces, such as of your tops Croppeds, t-shirts and dresses.

Look at Night for Pregnant Women

When preparing a production for the night, it is certain that many women do not open the high heels. The shoes for pregnant, however, should always consider the comfort and balance. The ideal is to choose sandals with thicker and square heels. Moreover, opt for well-trapped models on foot, to provide more safety.

If the concern is still looking very basic, insurer the visual with accessories. Invest in scarves, scarves, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and other items capable of valuing your production.

Once again, the rule for this phase is to choose looks that make you feel good. After all, this is the time to enjoy everything that the pregnancy period can offer you!

And for you, what outfit makes you feel comfortable in pregnancy? Tell us!