Fancy Clock in Rose Gold

Favorite of the week. My current favorite is a real eye-catcher. Just recently we have recorded very unusual watches in our shop and I immediately fell in love with a certain one: the Celeste Purple in rose gold of the brand Ziiiro.

Futuristic watch in rose gold of the brand Ziiiro

Statement jewelery and unusual watches have been around for a long time.But today’s favorite of the week really tops everything.This dial in Lila-Blau is simply an absolute eye-catcher!Instead of a normal time display the clock in Roségold adorns a futuristic time display.The question of the time is a very special challenge.In combination with the border in rose gold, the watch looks good despite the colorful dial and can also be combined to some colors – well, you should not choose a green sweater;)

Fancy watches as a gift idea for Christmas

If you do not want to have boring gifts and mainstream watches, the watches of Ziiiro are just right.The watches are mainly something for fashionistas and lovers of extravagant designs.Depending on your taste, you can give a whole colorful clock in yellow or green or choose a more subtle model in silver or black.In any case, your gift will be an absolute bang!