Fake fur And Understanding For Advanced

My main concern is to make you laugh on my blog… or at least to smile. I am aware of the fact that life is not always only fun and a good mood, it does not always run around. 

I also do not believe that one can influence the life exclusively of his thoughts. Some things you simply do not have in your hand and I say that as an absolute optimist. That’s what I am-my glass is half full. Nevertheless, life keeps ups and downs ready. Only the downs with a half-full glass are easier to bear and the ups can definitely enjoy better. So far this was at least so…

Key To Happiness

In my experience lies the key to happiness in the understanding of oneself AND the others. When, for example, I think about theseneighbors, who, with their nine-time actionism, bring a large part of our ownership community to white-hot glow, and feel themselves absolutely right and misunderstood and misunderstood, I try to somehow understand what the guy did. An ignorant mother, an ambitious father? Maybe the smooth opposite. But even these would have a story again. And probably the small neighbor simply suffered infinitely under this tyranny and unfortunately forgotten on the way to the adult age that it is not a question of obtaining a legitimation for one’s own mistakes or has never learned to reflect his own behavior-is indeed synonymous Not just easy times critical look in the mirror, for no one.

Understanding For The Advanced

Unfortunately, the process of understanding takes time. Depending on the extent of the subject matter, in some cases quite a lot of it and I hope every time that during this insight I will not meet any of the participants. My impulsive being knows nothing about this attachment thing… and apparently my internal communication is not the fastest and there are simply people, since it is really hard work for their oddities to comprehend understanding, especially when they give me/us life with it make it hard. But I am not concerned either with the mission of mankind or to give absolution to every full post that has been made. Everyone has to come to terms with himself. In addition, this neighborhood situation is a real hardship – understanding for the advanced.


But understanding is always going on, when people have to deal with each other. We all have their own stories, different paths have gone.Are characterized by beautiful and also by less beautiful (why do I have to think of this word always to Team Jacob?). Make mistakes and have to live with their impact and are confronted with the behavior of other people or the consequences. Every day, all the time, on a small scale, as on a large scale… and I have had the experience, it is easier for me to arrange myself by understanding the people around me, or at least trying to. This is easy with some, with some difficult and occasionally it appears to me hopeless… It is bad if I have to run a specimen of the genre without prospects constantly, because it is for example a colleague or a colleague.Because only eyes help and through… and hope that the good education does not fail. Ahem….

Fake Fur Coat

… my good taste does not fail at all-I hope and therefore there is finally an exclusive coat-bear-fur post. I owe the Fakefur coat to  Claand her greatness. She was too short for it, and since I am missing this little quilt, I have, of course, immediately declared myself ready to give the wilted woven fur a wintery home. Unfortunately the good piece was a bit ungrateful at the time of the move and has filled everything. Also the car seat in the men’s car and so the fun and also the understanding ceases. I was already afraid of the Instagram Husband blows to the hunt and pulls me the Fakefur fur over the ears… but I was lucky again and was still allowed to the sacred Fotolinse… I say yes, my glass is half full…. I wish you a relaxing Sunday.

Ps: The good luck was the dear Sara hold. You can look forward to the L’Occitane set. Please now and loudly! Congratulations and I always find it so stupid that I can not give you a travel kit.

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Ppps: Tomorrow is the switching day of the year and to the celebration of the rare day, it gives me right again… in red and pink and reinforcement I have also with it.

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