Fake Buy Bag – What Can Happen?

In many forums is whether a fake bag purchase should be and what can happen to this discussion again and again.

Fake bags buy – possible consequences

Just when the money not so casual sit some designer bags are almost priceless. Then, again extremely cheap offers draw attention to themselves.

Fake bags galore

The black market for counterfeit bags blooms in all its glory and in some groups within social networks this plagiarism are offered unverbl mt. The prices are so cheap that some people immediately feel an impulse purchase and ask yourself what can happen in the worst case, if you go up to such an offer.

Example Italy
The authorities in Italy quite particularly hard tackle on this type of product piracy some reports result (google – “fake bag Italy”). Many know the so-called “Beach offers”. It is relaxed in the Sun and suddenly feel a shadow of himself. At the same time, one hears an obviously fake brand bag in front of the nose is kept buying calls and one. One enters such an offer and is caught civil strips, which carefully observe the stand dealer, it can be damn expensive. Finger away!

It is especially bad when touting someone with a fake bag, and even at first glance, the fake is unmasked. Sayings like “OMG, that is a cheaper fake but…” are bad and this shame will endure about nobody.

The process is also very strongly to be desired when compared with the original bags. Seams scrub up, hook the zippers, the outer skin to rub off and already after a short time, plagiarism can see just only awful.

Ordered online from abroad
In this case, you can get several big problems. While transferring money has worked out smoothly, the product can wait. What happened? Maybe is stuck the fake in the customs control and was collected. If the money is gone and we also didn’t get the goods.

Taking a look on the above points, the laughter could pass quickly a, so we discourage so-called fake definitely to buy bags.

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