Facebook Messenger Will Support Third-party Apps and Channels of Communication with Companies

Since Facebook started requiring a separate app to use your chat on mobile devices there is the suspicion that the company is reserving bigger plans for the service. The confirmation came today (25): the developer conference F8, the company revealed that the Messenger will turn a kind of platform.


What does that mean? Which companies can create small applications for use within the Facebook Messenger. It is a way to expand the amount of service resources.

These apps can be used to share videos, music and GIFs, for example. One of the applications already confirmed is the JibJab, which allows sending greeting cards. Another is Ditty, a funny app that reads messages in rhythm music.

The installation of the applications can be made from the button “more” (ellipsis icon) Facebook Messenger. If a user receives contents of an unknown application, there you will see a button that gives you the installation option.

Mark Zuckerberg and his crew hope the apps make the conversations more interesting Messenger and therefore “hold” more users there. But this is not the only novelty: Facebook also wants the service to be used more frequently in communication between businesses and consumers.

For this, the company announced on Business Messenger platform, created in partnership with Zendesk, a company specialized in online service. The idea is that of all sizes can create the Messenger channels to answer customer questions, provide technical support, send promotions or communicate consumer sending a product, for example.

Both new attention-grabbing, but also leave us with a flea in his ear, and the apps leave the heavier Messenger (than it is)? Will the talks are not too polluted? There is no risk of the Facebook “read” my chats with companies to display ads for products?

Be that as it may, the Messenger apps will be available for all users in the coming days. The Business on Messenger will take a little longer. Meanwhile, interested companies can register on this page to receive invitation to the tool.