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Can I use the dress? How long a bridal bouquet previously ordered one? You need a sample-make-up and, if so, when? Must I really invite all neighbors?

Questions About Wedding

Brides and grooms have a lot: questions.

We try many of them here on the blog to answer. Certainly not all of them.Unless the true experts, sit here now and read this. The since namely it!

There is always someone who has a tip or know who you can ask.

That’s why we want to bring you together:

You, you Dear groom looking for the matching cuff link. You love you, bride who papered the great wall in the living room with their ‘ to do ‘ list. You love you, Maid of honor, who wonders about that there are still related without email address. Love you, you mother of the bride, sister, best friend, old buddy:

We want to invite all of you in our brand new Facebook group.

Come to songaah.com! Here you’re sure, can replace you and we’ll keep you always up to date: there’s all news here from the blog and from us directly. So you missed more no competition and no DIY idea. No wedding photojournalism in your color scheme and no inspiration. No decorative idea and no column.

We ensure that our group no advertising takes place – but the immediate exchange between those who prepare for a wedding and are happy.

We happy to you and are so excited to see what you all to tell us!

Is numerous in the Einhochzeitsblog Facebook group! There it meets also Melanie von CityMelody . It helps us make sure that our group remains beautiful cuddly and is not vollgespamt. Thank you!