Eyeshadow Palettes “Eye Shadow Keeper” + New Colors

Since may there are a few news Rouge Bunny Rouge. Now, there’s a free be fill bare eyeshadow palettes “Eye Shadow Keeper” – duos and trios – and matching six new eye shadow colors that are as refills in the trade. After the available colours are to follow (three of them already!), so that it has the ability to bring his favorite colors in the palettes.

I have kindly received an empty pallet and three refill eye shadow to test and can show you why a first impression.

Eye shadow keeper TRIO – the packaging:
The empty pallet is, like all products by Rouge Bunny Rouge (at least partially) in a lacquer black white while on the top embellishments (reminds me of those fly lint things at ‘Avatar’ ^^) held, are printed. Otherwise, the range is kept very simple, impossible with a normal latch open and close.

From the outset there are a generous mirror and a double-sided sponge applicator.
The latter is why he wanders into a small collection box (where the applicators are waiting that they are… maybe sometime time otherwise needed) for me, as always, unusable.

The Interior has three slots to insert seamlessly are the refills. A flat integrated magnet is already used, furthermore you can see small holes – using a sharp, thin object you can pick out again so the refills. A bit more cumbersome than IE on MAC makeup, but not bad. The magnet very holding the eyeshadow, so anything can happen.

Eye shadow refills – the packaging:
The new eye shadow in the form of refills are delivered in a small envelope. This is the individual pans. Nothing is on the back. Since it is metallic, it keeps to the magnet integrated in the range without problems.

The refills are manufactured minimally greater than the MAC eyeshadow pans (why this would – not fit probably purely theoretically in the RBR range other way unfortunately) of size. 2 g product (with an official shelf life of 36 months) are included.

The available colours are (free English translated from):

  • • “Lilac Reef Curassow” (“purple Felsenhokko”) – a brighter shade of lilac with iridescent effect [new]
  • • “Trumpeter Koel” (“bluish cuckoo”) – dark kilts with irrisierendem Lilac-Blue [new]
  • • “Bohemian Waxwing” (“beige Waxwing”) – irrisierendes champagne with bronze impact [new]
  • • “Olive Violeteare” (“Olivenfarbenes violet ear”) – if there’s a smoky olive, is the it with satin-finish (great for Smokey Eyes) [new]
  • • “Golden Rhea” (“Golden Nandu”) – irrisierendes, bright gold, pure and “simple” [new]
  • • “Umber Firefinch‘ (“Umbra Brauner amaranth”) – irrisierendes, umber-Brown, dark chocolate brown [new]

In addition, the most popular colors of the previous range were also adopted as refill:

  • • ‘Unforgettable Oriole“(“unforgettable Vireos”) – soft, metallic gold
  • • “Solstice Halcyon” (“charming ice bird”) – semi matte mauve-beige
  • • “Abyssinian Catbird” (“Abyssinian cat bird”) – metallic bronze with golden highlights

Of course, I have a few swatches of my colors for you:

The three colors, I got, all have a soft texture and great ink transfer. ‘Umber Firefinch’ can well tolerated yet a base, because it is relatively smoky and this is a little spotty with a delicate job. He can dazzle layers and also good and is so still not a “problem child”. 🙂 Especially “Bohemian Waxwing” has a great texture and requires very little product for a great job. “Trumpeter Koel” is as an in-between, this of course also super.

In all three, really very little color is necessary to create an opaque result. ‘Umber Firefinch’ and “Trumpeter Koel”, I would recommend a base which is not necessary, however. Since I work themselves always with base, so it is for me or so not a question.

Last but not least of course the prices!

While the online shop still in the pipeline, you can the pallets, as well as the refills (and of course all other wonderful products by Rouge Bunny Rouge!) at zuneta.com order. The new products cost there:

– Duo eye shadow keeper: €14.92 (→ here)
– Trio eye shadow keeper: €18.65 (→ here)
– Eye Shadow Keeper Refills: €19,90 (→ here)

My conclusion may not be forgotten!
I think the idea of the eyeshadow palettes to be able now store and assemble freely, super. I find the prices okay (for comparison – the “normal” eye shadow cost €27,36 currently at zuneta.com). Mac the refills are although cheaper, but also only with 1.3 grams, so I think the price for 2 g eyeshadow okay. Also the empty pallets have a price, the I for think okay. Yes, RBR is of course a little more expensive and you pay a little bit for design, but worth it.

Overall, I find the new colors also very interesting – I wish I could see the others too. But since I will wait on the online shop (I still don’t know unfortunately when he goes online, but hope that it is quite soon!). My interest is definitely still “olive Violeteare” and “Golden Rhea”.

The quality I don’t actually mention – as said, top, are the eye shadows as I Rouge’m used by Rouge Bunny, and I will probably, when the online store there is still need take on the color of one or the other.

In short, I like! And if you like Rouge Bunny Rouge, is also like this news.

I will of course make-up look (I was unfortunately the whole week in bed and sick, there’s no makeup with me and look pretty…- now I have to pick everything up!).