Exodus: Application Invite All Your Facebook Friends to Google+

The Google + completed two weeks of life, but this short time was enough to involve the name of the new social network in some controversies involving Facebook. By my count, at least two applications for Facebook were blocked just because import promised his friends to Google+ . Behold, today I discovered a third, which uses a different method but has the same ultimate goal.

The application was created by the duo of American programmers Albert Nichols and Jack Carter and is called (hold the laughter – or not) Exodus. What it does is ingenious: instead of exporting data such as email and names of your Facebook friends only to be imported into Google+, the site simply capture your list of entire friends and invite to Google+ using the address @ facebook.com. That simple.

Thus your Facebook friends receive the invitation to migrate to Google+ directly in the message inbox. And if other friends use them Exodus, these messages will not be taking up space, they only enter the same topic and pile up on one another.

The only downside is that those who migrated to the new system of personalized Facebook URLs will not receive invitations. But probably the pair will try to pass this barrier at some point in the future. And if they can before being blocked by Facebook, even better.

Update 18:53 | After a long debate on Google+ about how the application works, Idecided to contact its creators to take some questions.

Albert replied saying that the site sends an e-mail username @ facebook containing a standard invitation link to Google+. Then the person receiving this message will not know that it came from you. “We just created this as a way to send a lot of invitations to your friends,” said Albert.