Everything You Need to Know about the Corset

The corset is a special part of the women’s wardrobe. It has a unique beauty and enchants both women and men, for its sensual aspect and ability to draw the female body. The piece, however, is also considered complex, since it has different models and makes pair with other lingeries .

Even the name of the corset requires care, since the piece, used since medieval times, is also called a corselete (which is a lingerie, but with a function of thinning the waist), and confused with the corset (has the same function of the corselete, only used as outwear).

Types Of Corset And Complementary Pieces

Nowadays, the corset has a wide variety of sizes and styles, allowing all women, whatever the biotype, to use it quietly. But before buying a model, it is important to know the two existing types: the overbust corset and the underbust corset.

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As the names themselves suggest, these models are differentiated by the upper part of the piece, since the overbust has the part that covers the breasts and the underbust, on the contrary, ends below the breasts, being almost exclusively for wrapping the body.

Corset Elements

However beautiful and seductive a corset may be, it will always have to be combined with other elements. The panties , for example, are inseparable piece, needing, necessarily, to combine with the corset to compose the look.

Two other items complement the corset: the garter belt and pantyhose. This combination is so widespread that these products often appear as one lingerie.

The garter belt is the part that makes the union of the corset with the pantyhose, dividing space with the panties. It is usually made of lace, matching with the rest of the pieces. Already the pantyhose is that gives “sense” to the garter belt, making that all the items have the appearance of a unique piece.

And what women should be aware of is that a pantyhose can have two options: the model of pantyhose with a foot, which is the most common and involves the woman’s foot completely; and the model of pantyhose without foot, with termination in the ankle.

How To Wear A Corset

Speaking specifically of lingerie, the secret of the corset is to use it with sensuality and grace. The piece is commonly associated with special occasions, making the woman feel even more beautiful and confident and also used to seduce the partner.

The colors of the corset, as well as of every piece of lingerie, are chosen according to the occasion, they may have different meanings as well. The main options are the black (basic, however, very sensual), white, the favorite of brides and with beautiful result and red, considered the most attractive of them.

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