Editorial Mystique-Boho Vintage Inspired To Fall In Love!

When we saw an official photo of the Editorial Mystique in social networks, it was love at first sight! And since then, we were super excited to share with you all the beautiful and inspiring photos of this project.

The Editorial Mystique was designed by Kell Girardi, who is the front of the Atelier Girardi, and is a very sweet and extremely creative. She says she had a specific picture in your head of a model sitting with his legs on the side of the bed, between cushions, with a simple dress and a kimono with a dropped shoulder. She was positioned with her back to the photographer, looking in a hand mirror vintage oval face focused and blurred arrangement in the back of the hair. Was inspired in this picture that the editorial was born.

From there, he tried to join a team of suppliers to give life to the editorial dreamed of a lot of color and magic. Check out the result and fall by the clicks of Aline Ferreira Photography.

I figured for this collaborative editorial a scenario more relaxed and “filled”, comfortable and with a footprint of film magic and adventure of the years 90, you know? Something unreal, but wonderful!

In the garden, an outer room with armchair, a jukebox, tea sets, bags … Our “bride” lives there, she is fascinating, gentle and uncomplicated. Likes to surround himself with all that is beautiful. Loves peace, nature and tranquility. Armchairs, flowers, books, many crystals and antique furniture. She has a mystical dimension very present, a connection with nature.

These images live inside me there are 20-somethings. Are a tasty souvenir of my childhood, and have a chance to revisit and create something that had that same feeling was very special. – Kell Girardi

Decoration–Nina Vintage

“When we received the invitation from Kell, we were delighted with the challenge of transforming the location, where the day to day work a restaurant, in a magical setting, movie, in the room of dreams. We develop a canopy to make the environment even more cozy. The external room located in the garden served as a playful, relaxed environment, where the challenge is letting it full of magical items and unusual, ” Camila, Nina Vintage Decor

Clothing–Julia Pak

We idealize comfortable records and full of light and lightness. The model would be wearing lightweight parts and fluid, kimonos, dresses with slits to see the drawing her legs, long dresses and fluids so she could “walk” by barefoot, beautiful environment effortlessly.

Inside the barn, a room with a comfortable bed, pillows and bagunçadinha means many skins. Branches in the wooden walls, leather books, Tiffany lamps on the floor and large Windows.

Organization—Is Going To Be Cake! Advice

“When the Kell invited us, everything was already kind of drawn, though she needed someone to organize the ideas, the time and logistics, so that one day was enough to capture all your dreams.Accept right away and got into a lot of contact with the whole team. In the morning, were the first to arrive and when each one I was coming, I felt that the day was magical. The joy was contagious, our heart overflowing love for everything that was being done. “– Manu and Andresa FVTB

Congratulations To The Team!

So the editorial began to take shape I knew exactly what the creative minds are perfect for this idea. This project was very specific and absolutely none of the people who did part of it could be replaced by someone else. I mean that if any of them had not even participate, the project couldn’t get out!

Each of these 11 women, each january 1 corner, 3 pairs of mothers and daughters, are little fairies in love for what they do and put your heart in this creative collaboration