Easy Ghost Craft Halloween

To create a fun atmosphere for Halloween, you can make small cuts gauze. Make the most of it will be very easy.
To do this, you’ll need gauze, water, flour, and glass beads, slightly larger than the neck of the bottle.
Take a bowl and mix it with water to flour the flour should not be too much, we do not mix, but do not cook the dough.
Now take a piece of gauze measuring about 10 by 10 centimeters and how to pat the mixture.

Determine the glass on the table, put in glass balls or ball. If the ball is not plastic, it is better to finish the film, so it does not spoil.
On the glass to put gauze and try to give it the desired shape. Allow to dry gauze. It will take 2-3 hours according to BestCraftBlog.
Remove the glass and the workpiece to drive is ready. It will only eyes for him.
You can use ready-made plastic eyes, you can cut them out of white and black paper and then glued onto the patch, you can draw a marker or nail polish.