Makeup Tips for The Gym

In an ideal world, it is advisable not to use even a drop of paint while doing exercises, but realistically, there are women who prefer to keep the flirtatious up at unexpected moments. Do not worry! A little bit of makeup here and there it will highlight your factions even in the most intense of your routine. Just remember, makeup to the gym should be simple and almost transparent – your intend to give life to your face… not go party!

Makeup Tips for the Gym


To make up to go to the gym, the rule is simple: do not apply anything to tape your pores. So, goodbye to the bases or heavy proofreaders. Better opt for gentle products that give a touch of color without compromising your skin. The options? Moisturisers with color, BB or CC Creams. They will give you coverage ideal in addition to removing the shine.

Do you annoy the spots or acne? Mix your favorite concealer (Yes, that that covers 100%) with a part of moisturizing cream – your skin will feel and will look radiant.

Forget powders… would perhaps have to say?

Waterproof Cosmetics

May it be your favorite phrase! It is true that water-proof cosmetics can become the nightmare of any cleansing, but trust us, does wonders when sweating. Now, don’t overdo with use. A thin line of crayon Brown, gray or black between the tabs, shading at the bottom and two coats of black mascara will be everything you need to highlight the shape of your eyes.

At this point, do not require of iridescent colors, depth or marked traits. Keep it simple!


The worst decision you can take when you go to the gym is to use blush. It is sufficient that color “red tomato” you’ll have to get out of there. If it is essential that you define your face, uses a tanning cream from long term that will help you to sharpen your chin, nose, or cheeks.

Tip: did you know taking a color that really goes with your skin tone after exercise your cheeks? Next time, notes and buy a like Rouge. You see that it looks very natural!


Your mouth will also have a light colorcito due to the exercises. Don’t worry use lipstick dense or sticky gloss. Let them breathe! He prefers the lip balms or cocoa butter to moisturize and soften while you sweat.


Have you heard of makeup in dye? Although it is not something new, dozens of brands have implemented in their latest collections. The most famous are labial dyes, you must be careful to apply them or you’ll end up with a dry mouth. Be sure to moisturize your skin twice if you plan to make up with dyes, either in lips, cheeks or eyelids like a shadow. They are great for busy women or when you know you’re going to exercise for a long time.


It is essential to remove makeup you when you leave the gym. The sweat accumulated during exercises can bring bacteria and infections that ill-treating your skin in the long run. Shower time – you don’t need take facial wipes, liquid makeup remover or baby wipes to remove dirt and prevent your pores to become clogged. Now yes, makeup again with confidence!