E-bikes and Pedelecs Popularity

The representative market study “Wheel travel of the German 2010” of the market research and consulting firm Trendscope showed that 35 percent of German cyclists to pull the future use of E-Bikes or of Pedelecs in consideration. This willingness with 33 percent is similarly under the German bike trippers.

From may until September 2010 Trendscope interviewed nationwide 2,200 cyclists and bike trippers behaviour, settings and motifs in cycling holidays during their tours regarding.

The demand has tripled just for electric bikes in total according to the motorcycle industry association (ZIV) in the past three years. So have the E-bikes already today a share of the total market of 4% – tendency rising.

This information is consistent with the results of the trendscope-study: Exactly four percent of German cyclists and bike trippers have completed their tours on an E-Bike in 2010. In doing so, the E-Bikeusers have an above-average high age. For 76 percent of the cyclists who used an electric bicycle, are older than 59 years. Under the cycling tourists are still 51 percent.

A high proportion of the total used E-bikes was hired: the cycling tourists nearly every fifth of the used E-bikes was a rental bike, on the bike trippers this was the case only at every tenth E-bike.

“Our results support the general euphoria that prevails in the bicycle industry with regard to the future sales potential of E-bikes. Just the cyclists confirm this in our study their reputation as extremely interesting target group for manufacturers” commented Dr. Dennis Hürten, Managing Director of Trendscope.

An interesting trend, where is the question in how far wheel travel with E-bike or Pedelec still correspond to the original character of cycling that nature is more sporty. Well, the technical evolution has area just in the Leisure and outdoor inexorably. Maybe you can enjoy so the nature all the more, as if you can see any landscape with louder sweat in the eyes.