Dressed to Rock-Top 10 Clothes Go Mad Men

No doubt some parts of the female wardrobe exert the power of seduction over men, and they love it. Learn what are the most.

Certain clothes or have to be too short or low-cut for attention and seduce, which is the case of the pencil skirt, which is commonly used with shirts in looks with an air of Executive behaved. Others are already hot more like mini-skirts, unanimous on seduction in the point of view of the men. You will see that, to be dressed to rock – top 10 clothes go mad men, it’s not hard, just wondering what they are.

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And if you want to use this trump card in time to seduce and enchant, see them and invest!

Top 10 Clothes Women Wear and Which Go Mad Men


The neckline does not have to be fatal, but if it needs to be at the right time, like a party for example. For other times it is worth remembering that the great secret in time to get dressed so sexy is to balance the look. If you will use a neckline, avoid show another area of the body, such as the legs, not to fall into the vulgar.

The Miniskirt

From that arose around the years 60 the miniskirt is still attracting the glances around, and of course if she comes with a nice pair of legs. She at that time became a great asset to sexual liberation for women and for men object of desire. But the fact is, she remains one of the most powerful features of women to be used at the time to seduce.

Shoulders on Display

Sexy and beautiful, the shoulders to the shows become an excellent ally time to seduce and conquer. Men love the shoulder region and part of the neck, especially when shown with elegance. For this you can bet on strapless dresses or tops with shoulder only, or also known as single-shoulder, or the classic canoe neckline.