Dress in the Cold Yes! Learn How to Use with a Lot of Style

Who says you can’t wear your dresses in the coldest season of the year? Just combine them with certain parts to create looks amazing and very hot!

See the amazing tips that have prepared for you bulldoze a lot this winter:

  1. The pantyhose

The pantyhose will be your inseparable companion for winter looks. You just need to choose between the opaque, transparent, or printed versions to make the look, because the pantyhose is super versatile and goes well with everything. The secret is to use with closed toe shoes to keep that tip of half the shows.

  1. Coats

Notice how that your basic dress is a charm when combined with a longer coat, and still stretches the silhouette. Try match shoes pumps or a nice, warm boot and, if the mood of the day is more amenable, bring some sexy to look with the delicate Strip sandals.

  1. Blazer

The blazer is that play Joker raising visual and, if the intention is to create a more formal and sophisticated look, the right choice. Prefer dresses with trim straighter to match your favorite blazer and a potent heels, and guarantees a lot of elegance.

If the occasion is a party, opt for more elaborate cut blazers, those that resemble a tuxedo, and be even more elegant.

  1. Sweater and cardigan

Just wear the sweater over the dress to create a super stylish overlay. The charming cardigan (that famous Cardigan from Grandma) is also a wonderful choice and brings a touch of romanticism to the look. Enjoy exploring the contrast of colors and textures to most interesting productions.

How about using your sweater with skirt too? Is a charm! Just pay attention to the choice of the skirt not to unbalance the look and not look sloppy.

  1. Leather jacket

She didn’t have cold, but there’s so much style! The leather jacket is a fashion item and very versatile, that can be combined easily with short and long dresses. Nowadays, you still have several choices of colors and models, in addition to being able to choose between the synthetic and real leather.

Now it’s just rescue that dress Sweetheart from the bottom of my closet and start playing with the combinations. That your winter is very stylish!