Dododoo Cat Visiomed Light

I do not know how it happens to you, but here nightlights it everywhere!

Each of the dwarfs has one, and even in the master bedroom there is one, because during the entire period when I allaitas night, a night light was essential. I got used to, and since I can not do without!

Recently, I have got test pilot Dododoo Cat Visiomed.

I thought, “hey, cool, a new pilot!”

As the name suggests, this pilot has a form of cat, and I thought it was cool.

For once, the dwarves can catch a cat by the tail without risk !!!!

Ca, it breaks them!

The child can keep this night in many ways, as does Poupette the pictures above: the tail, like a handbag, around the wrist like a bracelet wholesale … it is spoiled choice.

The other advantage of this form is that it allows the pilot to be hung.

When it Poupon and Pinpin who use it, they cling to their door handle, so you can use it if they have to get up at night.

When it’s Poupette who in his room, the pilot is placed on furniture.

This night broadcasts 5 colors. You can adjust it in 2 ways: either permanently or with the lights changing from one to the other to create a soft and soothing atmosphere.

The  setting is made by pressing a small button on the back burner. The child can easily choose himself how to diffuse the light. Even Poupette knows the deal.

Even after several hours of operation, the pilot does absolutely not heat because it works by low voltage LED. It therefore poses no risk to the child.

The pilot is charging in its cradle by induction, which plugs into industry.

It has a battery life of 9 to 10 hours, that personally I find a shame because my dwarves easily go around the clock (yes, I know I’m lucky!) And suddenly the end of their night she goes out. And it is not possible to solve this snag, leaving the pilot on his hip socket, because when it is over, it does not light up (only the charge indicator is on). I would have liked it to be used while charging, because if unfortunately I forget to charge the day, at night he need another rescue pilot.

Another gripe I would have to do this pilot is that it runs counter to concerns about energy savings that are more relevant than ever right now, becuase it must pass a daily part of the day on the fashionable base to recharge. At home, I try to educate children not waste energy, so on this one, I’m not too credible ….

Beside that, the pilot Dododoo Cat Visiomed fulfills its missions, and has a nice look that goes well everywhere.

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