Do You Think That Android Is an Alternative for Serious Games? Engadget Android Questions

We are in June, which means that it is the month in which the expected 2014 Google I/O will be held on 25 and 26 June. Expect many new features in regards to the Google ecosystem, especially in the Chrome browser and the Android operating system. In particular is expected to announce are finally Android TV, inspired by the Kindle Fire offering an environment aimed at the media, which includes games.

It is not the first time that deals with the subject of the most serious game on Android, in addition to the special that I already did in due course on play seriously with Android, but it seems that even the subject is not clear. This time we leave the answer to you with this question.

Do you think that Android is an alternative for serious games?

The question of the previous week

A couple of weeks ago was announced the HTC Mini One, with very limited capabilities in general, something that does not House too with the name of the product. I asked in this regard on previous versions of the mini, and the most voted answer by community been dha of betoramona

Only the size. Not all think the big screens are cool and want a terminal that offers us the same without such exorbitant display. They are concentrated in an only type of users, forgetting that we also exist and deserve an equally good terminal. It would pay the same for a phone screen 4.2 one of 5.7 with the same features.NOTE: We have disabled the comments for all enfoquéis them in Engadget Android replies, which is the site where questions, responses and assessments of this section should focus. We await you there and remember that next week we will publish the most valued response.