DIY: Making Your Own Wall Clock

You know how much that we like crafts, therefore, begin with a DIY week to build your own wall clock. When you see how incredibly easy that is, you won’t want to be without it!
The materials that you will need to make your own clock are the following:

Top of a cardboard box with the print that you like and as you prefer.




Clock machinery. You can find it at Amazon or at stores Sostrene Grene.

The battery you need machinery.
The step by step is very simple:

With the knife punctured the central part of your box, where we will then insert the machinery and the clock hands.

Enter the fixing ring clockwise on the pretty side of box 🙂

Put the battery.
And you have your watch!

In addition, if you have any questions, we bring you this video about wall clock made by the team of phoenixwallclocks, architects of this idea.

If you decide to do it (I sure I do it as soon as you find the box that fits me), share with us your creation by mentioning us on social networks. You know that you can find us on Twitter@Bemydeco, @bemydeco on Instagram and Bemydeco on Facebook.

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