Diy Bridal Hairstyle Stick Up

Today we show you a beautiful bridal hairstyle that you can do yourself with a little skill.

Diy Bridal Hairstyle Stick Up

With a bit of practice, you can make on your wedding day with this lovely hairstyle for a fascinating eye-catcher.

Julia Hofmann has collected Kati steps for you along with the stylist and held in beautiful pictures.

You will need:

Straightener or curling iron
Brush and comb
Hair grips
Hair pins
Hair spray
Flowers on demand

In the first step, the hair with a curling iron or straightening iron are attracted.

In addition to the resulting curls, this has the effect that closes the upper cuticle layer of the hair and the hair get even more shine.

With a brush, the resulting curls are out slightly brushed so that they fall loosely.

The hair on the top of the head, as well as on the sides are separated and stuck with hair clips. The remaining hairs are collectively a braid at the back of the head. It is important here that you won’t pull out your hair ends, but they are fixed in the hair tie.

Half of the hair on the top of the head is taken to the next step. The hair now take her cross and is stuck with pins directly in the braid. The hair will be turned, so that you can pin the curls on the braid. This repeated you also for the other side.

Next, all open hair above the pigtail to the approach are backcombed and stuck in the form of waves arc. You should make sure that the hair form a nice shape.

The ends of the hair are again inserted and fixed above the pigtail. As you delivered now with the hair side, also here always make sure to turn the hair a little bit about the hands.

Now you have a beautiful infected bridal hairstyle that looks not too strict. On the sides you can take out if you want that again some strands.

With delicate flowers, you can now give your hairstyle a romantic touch.