Disney Announces The Game Tiny Death Star Created by NimbleBit

A few months ago it was announced one of the most important purchases of rights of recent times, that it was neither more nor less than Disney bought the Star Wars franchise. The plan was to take possession of the rights to make a new trilogy of films and take advantage of the numerous merchandising that features the legendary series of films.

In relation to this last is what have decided to take advantage of. In the same way that there is already a version of Star Wars with Angry Birds games and that was not at all a game made faster and running, have today announced its partnership with developer NimbleBit for making a new games for smartphones in the series Star Wars.

For those who do not know the name of NimbleBit, only saying that they are responsible for Tiny Tower, Pocket plans and Pocket Trains, highly recommended and addictive games. The game commissioned by Disney will receive the name of Tiny Death Star, and as the name suggests, it will have to build our own death star.

It is a game that easily makes illusion to the fans of the series, but will have to wait a while to be able to enjoy it. The game has just been announced along with the confirmation that will be both Android and IOS, and globally, although no dates or more details about how you monetize the game.