Difference Between CCTV and Surveillance Camera

Difference between CCTV and surveillance camera. CCTV( Closed Circuit or CCTV ) and surveillance camera are video cameras with advanced technologies. CCTV known as closed circuit television transmits a signal to a specific monitor located on a faraway place; While surveillance camera, often works on IP networks that connect the security cameras at remote site to the primary site for example a central or even your computer.


Are cameras used in order to secure a place. Are cameras that can be used to record video from a distance greater than the observation of a particular area. As the police surveillance system. CCTV uses sensory and visual technology, and works by capturing photos and videos from a particular area, that are captured and recorded with the help of sensors and high-resolution cameras.

Surveillance camera is usually connected with IP networks, which helps connect the remote area network for the security area assigned based on bestitude.com. Are the cameras used in houses, apartments, public and Government sectors and etc. These camera technologies gained much importance in many sectors due to your efficiency and benefits; for example CCTV is also used in the industrial sector, since it captures and logs each and every one of the activities and tasks of the industry; while surveillance cameras are security cameras used in the public and private sectors because of the widespread violence.

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