Developers Can Create Their Own Quick Settings in Android N Button

These heights are sure that now you’ve realized that many of the changes in the new version of Android N are focused on eliminating multiple “work-arounds” and put some little order in the entire system. The ultimate goal: notifications and more orderly speedy adjustments.

Android N quick settings are smaller and are paginated, it is not just for aesthetic reasons, but because Google will allow developers access and create your own quick settings using a new API. Thus, they cease to be an exclusive system functions and a huge range of personalisation options opens.

The war against permanent notifications

Worldwide quick settings like because they are, well, fast. Instead of going to the home screen – settings – connections – Wifi, low the notification bar, and click on a button to disconnect the connection. Nothing easier.

However, if you want to go beyond the settings pre-installed in the system such as brightness, airplane mode, bluetooth and others, not you have left over to take the long way, since so far this panel was forbidden to access for developers.

The road now opens with quick settings API. The idea is that developers use it to create controls for frequent or urgent actions, Although it is quite predictable that in the future any application that prepares you’ll want your small button there. In any case, you as the user which you will have to choose from the available buttons and show it or not, as it happens with widgets.

Example of permanent notices that could be speedy adjustments

So far some applications made use of Permanent notices to create the illusion of quick adjustments, but it could be said that this type of notifications are like “the toolbars” phones, piling up one after the other and distorting the concept of notifications panel. This new API is a good method to combat this practice and put this type of buttons where correspond.