The sleeping bag  Neosphere-15° is a product Deuter , a German company specializing in hydration backpacks, travel bags, backpacks and sleeping bags techniques. The brand is reference in the US and Europe, and their sleeping bags are among the best in the outdoor world.Deuter arrived in Brazil in 2001.

The  Neosphere  is relatively new to the market and has high quality insulation. The product is produced with the Thermo Stretch Comfort System system: the lining is constructed with elastic seams that allow the expansion of up to 25% in width.

Deuter Neosphere-15ºC

According to Deuter, the sleeping bag  Neosphere  -15unites two essential attributes for a good night’s sleep in a camp: high power of isolation and comfort.

Its temperature range varies from -7° C (comfort temperature) to-33 ° C (extreme temperature).

The Neosphere test-15ºC

The sleeping bag underwent tests in several situations, being used in mild and extreme temperatures. The product was put to the test in wild campsites in the Andes, being exposed in altitude of 4,000meters and temperatures of up to -6ºC.

The product was only tested inside a tent, so it was not used in bivouacs. The tests happened by wearing second skin and fleece.

The sleeping bag was used on Aztec’s Cross Mat thermal insulation and was transported in its bag inside the backpack .






Negative points

Price in Brazil

Technical specifications

Compactor: Yes

Gray color

Dimensions (cm): 205 x 80 x 53

Temperature Range: -33°C to 7°C

Material Filling: Goose Feather 90/10

External Material: Deuter-Diamond 30D Nylon

Internal Material: Tactel Softlining Nylon

Weight (g): 1590

Type: Sarcophagus

Fiber Type: Goose Feather

Definitive impressions

The sleeping bag  Neosphere-15 ° Deuter is a product that surprised me for its comfort and isolation. That is, it achieved its purpose with excellence.

The only discomfort that occurred was when exposed at warmer temperatures, because the Neosphere -15º gets quite hot. If the environment is not cold enough, it gets really hot. Therefore, it not only isolates but also heats up. It is notable that the goose feather layer makes all the difference.

Although it was not placed in its imitation, it behaved well with temperature of -6ºC, causing no discomfort with the cold.

Zippers slide very easily, but sometimes they stick to nylon, but that’s not a problem at all. It also has a small internal pocket that is used to store the compactor. And, taking into account its high performance, the weight of the product can be considered light. And its volume is satisfactory.

The  Neosphere-15 is considered a sleeping bag for extreme conditions, including high mountain. I found it ideal for trekking in the Andes Mountains, being very effective in cold conditions.

Its elasticity attracts attention, it stays right in the body, but allows movements with ease. In addition, it has less air void space, thus ensuring greater heating. It is, without a doubt, a sleeping bag for extreme cold. And give the account.

The sleeping bag  Neosphere-15 ° Deuter  is about the cost of R $ 2,000.00.

Where to buy?

The product can be found in the store High Mountain and in the best stores of the segment.