Destroyed Boyfriend, Silk Blouse, Blazer And A New Fad

There is a new fad in our house… It is very closely related to a weakness that we all share in a more or less undisciplined way.

Aaalso I am äh was of course totally disciplined, while my husband and the Kurzzen could not and could not at all at all and could and at all. But discipline back and forth .. My husband and I have developed completely independently and unintentionally the same spleen.But with my outfit has nothing to do. So far, I am the only one in the family who can not think clearly about clothing. That is why there is of course today also an outfit. Is probably more casual because of the destroyed boyfriend-but silk blouse and blazers make the look atindest toprum serious.

Perhaps it is at the fasting time… Although none of us really fast, so as disciplined as here are everything. For me, the worst thing is that I had firmly committed to pay attention to my sugar consumption. So in the fasting time… But as if I had evoked something with this intention, suddenly no more candy was safe from me. Sometimes it was quite crazy. The biggest joke about it was for me, however, that I’m usually not so fond of sweets. Sometimes occasionally a piece of chocolate or a few gummy bears. Most of the time I had these cravings on the days… so the days… before the days. But hardly had I seen this report about Zucker and the post about it, it was as if I had reminded my brain that there are still sweets.

Holy Glubschaugen

So a Schmarrn… real … However, I am with my sweet-tooth passion here in my family in the best society … And so it comes that I find for about two weeks at the most unusual places in the kitchen sweets.Because both my husband, as well as I have gone to hide the sweets we like to eat before the short cuts. If we do not do so – the chocolate crossies, the After Eight tablets, the nut chocolate and the Toffifees dissolve in air. In a very wondrous way. Because the things are neither eaten by my daughter, nor by my son. At least they say that… If I ask my daughter, she accuses her brother and vice versa, the sister is responsible for the disappearance. Both of them grow at the same time wings, a halo, and they get huge ghouls.

Hotten-Totten And The Household

Furthermore, both Glubschaugen angels are very good at taking the last piece of chocolate, the last gummy bear, the last chips… the last thing from the package, and leave it in the closet. When answering my demand I have the choice between “I was not!” Or “I do not know!”. Both statements are absolute killer arguments…, which let me assume that the ominous roommates resumed . They do not just clear their glasses, now they also eat our sweets and leave the empty packaging in the closet. I think these Hotten-Totten could put the garbage at least to the glasses and slowly times to their crimes, and also times a euro into the household cash. Parasite… tztztz….

All Year Round Easterfeeling

Surely you all know this? (This is a rhetorical question) Just when I’m totally fond of After Eight or a Toffifee, I only find the empty packaging before… So we hid the favorite sweets now shorthand… And of course in places where they No one suspects… Not even ourselves… Because for about 2 years, I basically forget where I’ve laid something, if it is not located in its angesammten place…. That’s why we now often find sweets, in unusual places and thus have an Easterfeeling all year round. Until now, we had definitely found happiness and sweets before the expiry date of the minimum shelf life. So at least the ones we have discovered so far.

Destroyed Boyfriend With Silk Blouse And Blazer

What happens when I have to hide my favorite clothes from the “claws of my daughter”? Not that she should not wear the clothes.This is not-but I do not want my clothes under the desk in the room of my daughter to keep their existence. But I do not want to go into the next detail – otherwise I have to end up again correct or increase the pocket money. I’d rather talk about my destroyed boyfriend… I really like them at the moment, even if the pants are already badly torn. But for short pants, it’s just too cool, I thought I’d try it with ventilation holes… But silk blouse and blazer make the whole outfit a bit more serious-definitely with the opinion of GLOBALSCIENCELLC. I wish you a relaxed Good Friday and a good start to Easter weekend… Your Conny