Denon AH-D401, Headphones Not Like The Others

The Denon design out of the ordinary with its clear-cut lines and his black colors brightened by Blue King of shells.Which hulls are appearing of the growths, to which we will return.

First technical originality, the Denon AH-D401 is anamplified headphones… but wired! Indeed the amplifier integrated, fed on battery, is used to amplify the low frequencies, a bit like powered speakers of recording studios. We thus have to choose on the fly using classic and use amplified, according to his tastes and the desired bass level. Recharges the battery life of 12 hours by a micro-USB cable. The atria are equipped with shape memory pads, very comfortable.

Headphones DENON AH-D401 works wired (non captive cable supplied) passive and active. 2 famous “outgrowths” located on the atria are actually control knobs. Support on the left turns on and the amplified mode. The right wheel allows the intake call with his microphone, and the volume control. Activated, the Denon leaves appear a nice halo bluish on the Atria, I know who will love! This halo also changes hue, giving information on the State of charge among other. The Denon is supplied with its cable, gold-plated jacks but also a carrying case flocked to the constructor, a carabiner for attachment arms, a gold plated, Jack adapter micro-USB charge cable and operating instructions.

With the Cowon Z2, I start listening in passive with the “Stop in The Name Of Dub” Dub colossus. The sound aesthetic is reminiscent of the Beats Audio headsets, with however a best expansion in the treble. The sound palette is rebalanced. The rendering of the Denon is clearly physiological, but listening is not caricatured as long, and the band bandwidth wider than on many helmets of this type appears. On the piece “One other Dimension” of the Electro – Rap ElectroCypher feat IAM compilation, there’s this feeling of almost physical impact, with low bets ahead but that didn’t overshadow the rest of the sound spectrum. This style is perfect for salsa group Africando. Thus, on the track “moin Grog”, we get a typical rendering “nightclub”, not the most neutral but very enjoyable.

On a quieter piece, the title “If genyen’l soley” compilation “New Scene Creole” performed by Ines, the AH-D401 offers a very flattering to the ear interpretation, even if it does not, and that’s normal, refinement and subtlety of audiophile headphones. Switch to active mode seemed less relevant, depending on the sound message. On records loaded in low frequencies, more serious give… too serious! However on a record a bit limited in the bottom of the spectrum, the active mode lets you cheat a little and “sit” restitution. The possibility to activate or not the passive mode on the fly takes all its sense. Finally, listen to the Jazz song “Embreacable You” to Archie Shepp proved quite correct, less detailed than with a B & W P3 for example, which is richer in the medium high.

Ultimately, the DENON AH-D401 intends to hunt on the lands of the Beats Audio, and it succeeds quite well, with a signature sound, focusing on the serious but leaving to express other registers. The possibility to activate the amplifier integrated on-demand is a nice touch. More focused on modern music, the Denon, without being grade audiophile, remains still open to other styles of music that you will qualify for more calm.