Decorating with Frames: How to Make Your Home More Charming

Have you ever heard of “wall”? Well, she is nothing more than a wall full of pictures; a creative way to show several pictures at once and at the same location. And there are several other ways to leave the decoration with attractive frames and impeccable.

For a while here, became a national craze gather frames and pictures, as in an art exhibition. Big or small, frame collections leave the space more interesting and full of personality, showing for those who want to see a little of the life of resident and your preferences.

To create a unique and special photo wall, worth investing in frames of various sizes. In fact, there is no fixed rule. With imagination and common sense, it is possible to have harmonious and charming arrangements.

See other basic tips and suggestions for decorating with style frames:
Hang the frames so that the center of them stand 1.60 m from the ground. The trick makes it easier to visualize both the highest and the kids.

When decorating with pictures is on the couch, ideally, the beginning of the frame is of 20 to 25 cm above the backrest, or it may cause discomfort to whoever is sitting.

Close the beds also deserve attention.If the Cabinet does not have a headboard, the frames must be 60 cm from the ground;If it does, the measure indicated is 20 cm tall from the bottom of the headboard.

For those who do not have practice in the Assembly of a decoration with various frames, the tip is cut paper in sizes of the moldings and simulate combinations.

When you find one you like, just use duct tape at the desired position, that is, on the site which will be bored. Oh! Important: choose the bushing on the basis of the weight of the frame.

It is essential that the paintings have relationship with the environment. So be careful when mixing styles, especially if you don’t yet have a lot of experience. For example: Tapestry and paintings together do not usually have a good effect.

As to types and sizes of frames, don’t be afraid to mix it up, does it need to be combination between frames in this sense.

Proportion is everything! A small frame on a wall too big cause an unpleasant impression. The solution is a sequence of frames of the same size.

The same goes for small walls with huge frames. Aesthetics usually looks weird.

To facilitate the Assembly of a “wall” with small tables, create an imaginary square and distribute the pieces inside it. The secret to not err on the alignment of items with varied measures is to use a reference-that can be aligned underneath or on top.

Want to give a sense of spaciousness to the environment with narrow walls? Create columns with the paintings.

In the case of spaces that have stair, the recommended is to follow the alignment of the steps.

Let the most beautiful hall with only a frame or, at most, a composition made with a larger piece on the trimmer and two pictures hanging on the wall, for example.

When the idea is to decorate a hallway, the smaller frames are indicated, a time that will be seen up close.

For dining room decor, remember to choose a suitable theme to her style.

Landscapes can be interesting if the environment is classic; ever the contemporary rooms, with “clean” aspect and straighter lines, are amazing with abstract paintings and bold colors.

As for the double rooms or single adults, the need to fill the entire length of the headboard. What can be obtained through compositions with 2 or more items.

Enjoy the decorating tips with pictures and put your imagination to work! I bet that everyone will notice your talent, taste and style.