Decorate Your Baby’s Room: Everything About Lighting

An important part of decorating any room is lighting. First the natural and hopefully all the rooms had natural light that would enter widely to bathe the space. But it is not always so and for that comes the rescue of artificial light in the form of lamps of all kinds.

Decorate Your Kids' Room

Of course the room of our baby or older children is no exception. It is important that you have good light so you can play, be, enjoy your space. The good thing is that in addition to providing good light, the lamps are perfect decorative complements and contribute to make the space look better and also can perfectly complete the decoration you chose and adapt to the theme you have selected.

The main points of light that you must contemplate are:

1.- Ceiling lamp: It should be the main source of light. I like that it gives enough light to flood the space. It can be chandelier type or simply a lamp of a light bulb. Industrial trends are being used a lot (see gallery).

2.- Floor Lamp: Sometimes we can not place a ceiling lamp and a good floor lamp can supply the need for main light source. Look for more than one bulb and if you have ceiling light can also complement with a cute lamp next to the crib,

3.- Night table lamp/reading: In your baby’s room can be a more decorative light or you can place it near the place where you place a rocking chair to feed your baby. In the larger children’s room is ideal for reading, whether we read them before bed or read them later when they learn. These lamps are very adaptable to the style you have chosen, complement the decoration and you can find in number of themes that match the one you have chosen for your baby’s room: balls, animals, airplanes, etc.

4.- Lamp for Fears/Night Light:  It’s a type of dim illumination that you left on all night so that the room is not so dark, so that the fears do not arrive, or to have some light if you must To change a diaper, to check that it is well covered, etc.

Now in the gallery I show you many options!!!