David Dolphin Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013: Desire, Desire and Future

They say that creativity skyrockets in times of crisis and that was perhaps one of the most repeated phrases during the last edition of Madrid Fashion Week. Months later and taking again as a great complement this world economic situation we’ve seen that can be one of the topics of fashion, but that is not always comply with all designers.

After their two latest collections, Diogenes syndrome Katharsis where reigned chaos wrapped in pessimism, colors and impossible structures seems to be that Davidelfin you have found professional stability and take a new direction with Will, its proposal for the next Autumn winter 2012 / 2013.

But”Will”it is not only the name of the collection. Thus also called the soundtrack written by Bimba Bosé and her husband Diego Postigo that sums up the essence of what the designer wanted to transmit (“will take care of you, love you, will protect you… I will do it, i will”). All this celebration is no coincidence and, is that the designer does a decade Madrid catwalk.

It seems that it is in a new very positive facet. It presents its collection with words like: “desire, will, future. Promise and commitment. Where there is a will, there is a way”and I think that it is a very correct way because it is evolving to prioritizing everything what has done so characteristic for all these years as a designer.

The parade has had a clear inspiration in the world of medicine following the patterns that required rehabilitation and that evolution that seems to be his main ambition. The White He has starred in many of the outputs, which sometimes remind us of the famous doctor robes.

But not only in the white search this rehabilitation. Also wanted to introduce elements so characteristic of medicine as the latex tubes adapatandolos cuffs, collars, buttons on shirts and even the low pants. I especially like this part and already it is becoming usual designer to decorate with colors or special materials basic shirts. Remember how for the next spring-summer 2012, David decorating our shirts with pieces of fabric samples.

Another field where the designer shines is when work tailoring. Their structures have been made famous by its characteristic inequality but Will we not see these patterns impossible. The touch of originality this time comes through the prints.

On the other hand I liked how he has played with the contrast of colors on the zips about trench coats and jackets whose main character color was black. Always combined with the elements that we mentioned earlier inspired by medicine latex.

I also have to mention the collection of bags and belts that from last season is responsible Pelayo Diaz, Designer graduated from the famous school Central Saint Martins and blogger from Katelovesme proposed men carry both handbags such as the use of the clutch or wallet maxi.

The carousel has been starring in a funny performance from Alaska, Mario and Bimba Bosé that you have interpreted “Absolutely”. But I think that their collections are for a public very risky, on this occasion I’ve seen much more commercial and sober which on previous occasions. Personally it is a designer that I and their parades, even though on many occasions it does not dress a total look of the designer because I think I would not favour too, often me like a lot. What did you think of the collection?