News Pro: Microsoft Launches News App

With ios 9 Apple introduced a news app on the iphone and ipad. The news called application gathers content from a variety of sources such as the popular news service Flipboard and provides you the user bundled on the Smartphone or tablet. According to recent figures, now roughly 40 million people used the service available in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. The success calls now powerful competition on the plan: there is talk of the software company Microsoft, offering news Pro now also a news app for ios devices.

Always well informed: News apps for Smartphone and Tablet

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Android tablets: Test of the 32 best models

Whenever they are ready in less than a second for many applications and can be installed almost anywhere: Android tablets. In addition, they are generally easier to use than Windows models and much cheaper than Apple’s outrageously expensive ipads. But a cheaper retail price guaranteed still no good model. Our site had 32 Android tablets in the test and says, what really matters.

The best Android tablets

Small, lightweight, handy

Which Tablet size is perfect, especially to your needs depends on. 7-to 8-inch (17.8-20.3 cm diagonal) models are most practical for commuters: weigh between 250 and less than 400 grams and are very handy to fit in almost any pocket. Some 7 – and 8 -? LTE have incher on board: a suitable contract with network coverage on the spot on the road ensures a very fleet Internet connection. At the media pad M3 Huawei, Huawei media pad X 2 7.0, HP Pro slate 8 and Samsung Galaxy tab S2 8.0 flip it even calls: the phone can so at home remain. Continue reading Android tablets: Test of the 32 best models

ASUS Zenfone 2 in the Test: Inexpensive XXL Smartphone

Test conclusion: what you should know

The zenfone2 comes in a plastic housing what purports to be metal. The Android Smartphone offers good facilities with full run time and high speed. The operating system is not up to date and weakens the camera in poor lighting conditions. Competition squeezes a 5.5-inch display in a compact housing. Best price on the Internet: 229,99 Euro * this product at Amazon order Pro high speed faster browser good endurance memory card slot against weak photo quality battery firmly installed Testrating editorial 2.61 satisfying user rating now evaluate the Zenfone 2 not surprisingly has a predecessor and there are even rumors as the successor of Zenfone 3, end of February presented already to the Mobile World Congress. Given the facilities, the Zenfone 2 is fair priced. Looking for good sites, because there is also a weaker-of-the-art model (ZE500CL) with less memory and a worse display. Clarifies the test, what does the Zenfone 2 (ZE551ML) and where weaknesses are lurking.

5.5 inch display

The screen has a diagonal of 5.5 inches (13.91 centimeters) and resolves with 1920 x 1080 pixels. This leads to a high pixel density of around 400 ppi. Whether at the games, watching video or reading of sharpness is lacking the Zenfone 2 does not. When exposed to sunlight, you want more brightness. The laboratory measured mittelprächtige 422 cd / m ². The colors of the display look natural, perspective is noticeably better than at some cheap Smartphones that viewed from the draft be Milky. The macgregor contrast 466:1 is due to a poor black level. Continue reading ASUS Zenfone 2 in the Test: Inexpensive XXL Smartphone

Apple: Again Record Profit For The Last Time?

Apple is heading for 2007 on the first drop of in iphone sales since its launch. Sales will decline in the current quarter in the previous year, said CEO Tim Cook. In the last holiday shopping season, Apple managed just a narrow increase of 0.4 percent to 76.8 million units. That was enough however to achieve almost a new record profit of 18.4 billion dollars (17 billion euros). The group is now sitting on a cash pile of 216 billion dollars.
Iphone 7: prices, rumors, release

Weak economy, strong dollar

Apple pointed to weak economic growth in several major markets and massive headwinds due to the strong dollar, the foreign revenue in the conversion into the U.S. currency for the balance sheet lower look like. Cook spoke of extreme conditions, as we have never seen. Quarterly sales grew in the completed end of December quarter by 1.7 percent to $75,87 billion, as the company announced after the US market close on January 26, 2016. Excluding the negative currency effects, there had been a sales growth of eight percent, Cook said. Continue reading Apple: Again Record Profit For The Last Time?

Amazon Fire Kids Edition: Test of Small Children Tablets

Test conclusion: what you should know

Thick protective cover, special user interface for children kids Edition the Amazon fire is robust and easy to use. For parents important: Access to apps and the Internet can restrict without complications. At the end, the final score is sufficiently for the fire. It made itself in the test but no serious blunders: the design trimmed on the retail price, the slow pace and the moderate image quality were unsurprisingly for a tablet of this price class. Per order this product at Amazon comparatively high brightness acceptable battery life memory expandable special user interface for children thick protective sleeve in the package against moderate image quality slow work pace low camera quality thick construction only Wi-Fi n, NFC is missing mark of the editorial 3.58 cheap smartphones assess sufficient user rating now and convenient tablets are equally highly popular in children. But the devices are sensitive: the devices quickly with a technical knockout acknowledge a freefall Also, free access in the network and the unrestricted use of apps carries significant risks for the otherwise well preserved young. How about with a model designed specifically for children? Amazon has the fire Kids Edition just so a tablet in the program. What is the special thing about it? How is the fire? And what protection is there? These and more questions answered the test by our site. Continue reading Amazon Fire Kids Edition: Test of Small Children Tablets

Secret Giant: Guest at China Giant Huawei

A seemingly infinite plate avalanche wallows in the morning by the 13-million metropolis of Shenzhen near Hong Kong. But in this booming juggernaut, there is an oasis of Palm trees and magnificent buildings between concrete and smog Huawei’s headquarters. Here, the Chinese Telecommunications giant has created his own Silicon Valley. Our site has visited the Huawei campus in Shenzhen.

Huawei Mate 8 test: Beware of eight, Samsung and Apple!

Rapid growth

Apple is Huawei’s global power relations in a worldwide comparison now as persecutors of Samsung Smartphone Primus established and moves on the Pelle. The Chinese sold 26.5 million units in the third quarter of 2015. According to the market research company comScore, one and a half million Huawei devices over the counter, which corresponds to a market share of 3.2 per cent went to Germany. In the home country China Huawei is already at the top, followed closely by low cost competitor Xiaomi. The huge campus with its own University demonstrated Huawei’s ambitions. The Chinese want to emerge from the gray mass of Smartphone manufacturers to surpass the world market leader Samsung and Apple. The Chinese have not yet reached this very ambitious goal, but it is approaching with giant steps: three and a half years Huawei has almost doubled its global market share by almost 4 per cent Samsung and Apple have lost accordingly. Grow with the market power also the reputation and value of Huawei: brand value is now $ 5 billion, so the company is China’s most valuable brand. World is Huawei space 88, close behind LEGO and before MTV. Up to frontrunner Apple with more than $ 170 billion and Samsung (7th, approximately US$ 45.3 billion), it is but still a long way off. Continue reading Secret Giant: Guest at China Giant Huawei

Medion P9514 P7331: Cheap 7 Inch Tablet in the Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

Customers who are flirting with the 60-Euro Tablet fire from Amazon, should take some extra money in your hand and the Medion P9514 P7331. It has a better display, offers more facilities, works faster and does his battery with eight hours and five minutes, about 30 minutes longer without plug. Order this product at Amazon low price Pro knapp acceptable battery life, but expandable memory (microsd 32 GB in the package) light construction infrared transmitter against some low speed moderate camera quality only Wi-Fi n UMTS, LTE and NFC missing mark of the editorial 3.40 satisfying user rating now assess a Tablet image due to its very low price stood out in the major comparison test by our site: the Amazon fire for 60 euros. Because the device is slightly clunky, heavy and slow, his display no brilliant image delivers, it was enough only for the touch enough for a 60-Euro Tablet performance was but okay. The Tablet P9514 P7331 is considerably more expensive, but still cheap: Medion estimated for the 7-inch device with Android’s 5.0 129 euros. The better choice? Continue reading Medion P9514 P7331: Cheap 7 Inch Tablet in the Test

How to Make Safe Your Android Tablet and Smartphone

Wants a tablet or Smartphone to your child absolutely birthday? There is no reason to the despair, because there are now some good equipment especially for children. Alternatively, you can buy also an ordinary Tablet and make child lock with a few simple tweaks. This has the advantage that other family members no matter what age can take advantage of the tablet.

Tablets for small users

Children devices are robust and low-cost

Tablets and Smartphones, which are specially designed for children, have not only a family friendly, colorful interface. You also have software that allows control on the part of the parents. To control for example with a time management function, how long the child may use an Android powered device. Children devices are also usually more robust than conventional devices, so that also an impact on the ground won’t can have on them. Since children tablets and Smartphones compared to the high-quality models from Samsung, Sony & co. Are technically not so well equipped, they cost relatively little. Continue reading How to Make Safe Your Android Tablet and Smartphone

TAG Heuer Next Year Will Produce 200,000 Smartwatches

In November 2015, the Swiss watch manufacturer TAG Heuer with the connected presented his first Smartwatch. While market observers of the luxury watch due to the relatively high price of 1,350 euros immediately after the presentation conceded few opportunities, a different picture now shows: because as the Handelsblatt reported, TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver revealed to The New Zurich Times on Sunday, that the luxury Smartwatch enjoys great popularity. 2016 we should sell 100,000 to 120,000 of Smartwatches. Therefore, the production of 200,000 copies is planned next year. Continue reading TAG Heuer Next Year Will Produce 200,000 Smartwatches

Software: Our Site Wants to Cooperate with Smartphone Manufacturers

In June 2014, our site fire phone introduced the company’s first Smartphone and immediately suffered a setback. Not only the comparatively high price, but also dissatisfied customers and bad reviews were to blame. Episode: much too low sales figures. Also multiple price reductions could not change this, so that the online catalogers end of August 2015 finally ceased the sale of own smartphones.
Now dares Our site apparently back in the Smartphone market, but to choose a completely different strategy: as the American website reported the information, our site wants to cooperate in the future with other smartphone manufacturers, to offer services on their devices. Continue reading Software: Our Site Wants to Cooperate with Smartphone Manufacturers