Horn Universe 3 in the Test

Thanks to high efficiency, universe 3 with almost any amplifier copes of the Horn. We have tested the Horn speaker.


  • very dynamic and direct
  • Open gambling Horn with a great speech
  • sensational exact figure
  • cope with virtually all amplifiers



Rock concert volume levels from just a few Watts? Who moves into the realm of the Single-ended Triodes and still like to dynamically listen who needs one thing above all: efficiency! To Schalldru? cke beyond the 100 decibels from a Watt (or a half) to produce, is the best solution the Horn principle with high drivers as before. To ensure the effective coupling to the environment, the actual Horn mouth – not too small, select a condition which definitely brings the universe with 3 hORNS to the chagrin of all carriers. Continue reading Horn Universe 3 in the Test

LG Optimus L7 II in the Test

The cheap LG Optimus L7 II proves to be endurance athlete in the test. Almost eight hours with heavy use of time still no other Smartphone has managed in this price class.

  1. LG Optimus L7 II in the test
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The top model of the new LG one dough er series is the P710 Optimus L7 II for $299; the Smartphone even from 230 euro is to get on the Internet. Except in black there is the Optimus L7 II with a white battery cover or in metal optics; This version is especially pretty. Continue reading LG Optimus L7 II in the Test

Jeep Grand Cherokee

SUVs conquer any terrain. You can see the hip SUV-look-alikes now before every school, every organic supermarket and the Opera. Sparkling clean, polished and with highly sensitive, lowschool alloy wheels, they avoid the area as the devil the holy water.

You can read off how far it is with the off-road capability of the asphalt yachts here, on the final gag of cartoon “Cars”. Even the children laughing now. There, an old military jeep wants to grind his domesticated descendants in the SUV boot camp. Ah yes, the good old Jeep. First, the whole sport-utility movement goes back to his grandson, introduced in 1993, the terrain of the Grand Cherokee. It also reflects the slope to the decadence, which has affected his tribe over the years. Almost his fate reminds a little of the Boxer Rocky, which has set on plenty of bacon in the umpteenth also with success and luxurious living. But, what is so an old fighter, has become a hard core and maintain a strong heart that again pulls him out of the swamp. At the end, he is back at the top, and triumphs. Continue reading Jeep Grand Cherokee

Opel Adam Navigation System

The new Opel Adam wants to poach in the realms of mini and Fiat 500 and inspire young people with Smartphone connectivity. Working it out?

With the Adam Opel brought a refreshing and relaxed car on the market. The designated mini and Fiat 500 competitor brings a smile in the face – for example with the LED starry sky installed in the test car and the color adjustable interior lighting many viewers with its successful design and the loving details.

The design options that take a proud eight pages in the fee list show that stand, engines and chassis in their purchasing decisions no longer in the forefront. Even without a sophisticated Infotainment system, nothing goes in the young buyers. Continue reading Opel Adam Navigation System

Nokia Lumia 925 in the Test

In the test the Nokia Lumia 925 despite greater facilities is significantly slimmer than its predecessor.

  1. Nokia Lumia 925 in the test
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With the Lumia 925 for 599 euros, Nokia presents a new top Smartphone that significantly more manageable than the depth and weight of 140 grams with a 9 mm predecessor Lumia 920.

Visually a lot has happened. Instead of the manufactured from one-piece, shiny and pop-colored poly carbonate housing a consisting of four elements, matt anodized aluminium frame now surrounds the display. Continue reading Nokia Lumia 925 in the Test

JBL Studio 4365 in the Single Test

The JBL studio 4365 is a real hurricane. The clarity and dynamics of the sound quality is excellent. We have looked at more closely the Floorstanding speaker.

End of 2010 9900 had stereoplay with JBL K2 a speaker in the test (booklet 1/11, 64 points, 39 000 euro, sales: Sun audio), with which we were at first not really warm. He sounded at times very directly with the 15-inch bass and the great mid-range Horn at small and medium-sized levels slightly full in the bass and treble range. Actually, the thing was already ticked, but then we tried it with greater distance. That was much better. Continue reading JBL Studio 4365 in the Single Test

Our Site Rider in the Test

Fortunately we had to wait for Sun and 35 degrees in Germany, to take a first look at the new rider: Our site kindly invited to a trip to Italy – on delicious Suzuki travel athletes with pre-assembled rider Navis.

On the sunny, twisty roads of in South Tyrol’s can be just the best tested. So the Navis are also heard – they spark their announcements via Bluetooth – Schuberth the High end helmet C3 Pro with built-in stereo Bluetooth headset contributed “SRC-System”. Continue reading Our Site Rider in the Test

Sony Xperia SP in the Test

The Sony Xperia SP is advisable with strong laboratory values in the test and fine metal frame as a slightly slimmed-down alternative to the Z.

  1. Sony Xperia SP in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

That was not necessarily to be expected: with an awesome battery life, compelling radio properties, almost impeccable acoustics and a high-quality housing, the Xperia SP retracts a strong total. Continue reading Sony Xperia SP in the Test

Klipsch RF-7 II in the Single Test

With forehead height of 1.23 metres and bronze woofers, the Klipsch RF-7 II is a solid catcher. We have looked at more closely the Floorstanding speaker.

Fu? r, the color makes the aluminum ceramic alloy of low-midrange driver: the very light and yet sturdy Cerametallic. Behind the eye-catching front loaded Horn sits a hulking means high-frequency drivers, the use of which is already 1.2 kHz possible. The Tractrix Horn increases not only sound pressure and dynamic abilities of this fine titanium diaphragm, it organizes also the BU? Behavior of the Pressure chamber loudspeaker. A sound pressure level of u? ber 90 decibels can sit up tube fans . Continue reading Klipsch RF-7 II in the Single Test

LG Optimus L5 II in the Test

Actually, the LG Optimus L5 convinced II in the test and also a tip – not the poor GSM reception on the D net would be there.

  1. LG Optimus L5 II in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

The Optimus L5 II resembles one his big brother L7 II at first glance like an egg. Nine-millimeter flat LG looks just as great as its big brother, has also the configurable lighting the home button on board. Also there is agreement in the colors – you can choose between black, white and a metal look. Continue reading LG Optimus L5 II in the Test