Two Years Ago That Facebook Surpassed Orkut in Brazil

Two years ago that Facebook is the social network more accessible in Brazil, according to figures released on Thursday (20) by Hitwise, a research firm Serasa Experian. The new owner of WhatsApp passed the then leader Orkut in the country in January 2012Since then, participation only increases. Currently, Facebook accounts for 68.62% of social networking visits in Brazil.

The latest figures released by Hitwise are for the month of January 2014. Compared to the same month last year, Facebook grew 4.10 percentage points to 68.62%. YouTube remains isolated in the second place with 21,22%. In a distant third is Twitter, with 1.63% interest. Today Orkut bitter seventh, still above the Google +, which is in tenth.

The Brazilian ranking was as follows:

  1. Facebook (68.62%)
  2. YouTube (21.22%)
  3. Twitter (1.63%)
  4. Yahoo Answers Brazil (1.47%)
  5. (1.38%)
  6. Instagram (0.65%)
  7. Orkut (0.61%)
  8. Badoo (0.58%)
  9. Chat UOL (0.49%)
  10. Google+ (0.45%)

On January 14, 2012, social networks were well positioned in Brazil:

  1. Facebook (34.15%)
  2. Orkut (31.50%)
  3. YouTube (17.09%)
  4. Windows Live Home (4.25%)
  5. Twitter (2.12%)
  6. Badoo (2.07%)
  7. Yahoo Answers Brazil (1.83%)
  8. Chat UOL (1.54%)
  9. Habbo Brazil (0.59%)
  10. Google+ (0.53%)

Also according to data from Hitwise, Facebook managed to arrest more attention from users that YouTube. The average navigation time on Facebook was 16 minutes and 55 seconds. On YouTube, the average was 13 minutes and 55 seconds.

In the last 4 February, Facebook completed 10 years of age and released some official figures: are 1.23 billion active users per month worldwide, 83 million in Brazil. Of these 83 million monthly active users in Brazil, 58 million access Facebook by phone at least once a month. Other giant numbers are in this post.


Vintage Corolla Skirt

Among the fashion trends of spring 2016 doesn’t go unnoticed the skirt corolla. A comeback that smells of flowers, iconic prints, and retro profiles coming from the past. The proposals most classic Dolce & Gabbana Gucci geometric prints, here are the season’s most glamorous skirts corolla.

Back in fashion this spring in revised, revisited and reinterpreted. Elegant, fancy, and versatile, the skirt retro for ladies (see will be one of the most popular leaders of the next spring summer. How come? Simple, because you can wear it at all times of the day and adapts to any type of silhouette. Continue reading Vintage Corolla Skirt

How to Apply False Eyelashes

From today we can finally dare due to  false eyelashes Paperself, ie the “paper” origami to have a look that enchants.
These wonderful eyelashes  arrived in Italy, in Sephora stores and today I will show you how to apply them.

Paperself was founded in 2009 and is named for the use of paper in the cosmetic line made by London-based designer who Chunwei Liao, bringing together collaborators, artists and designers produce false eyelashes paper from the exquisite design and superlative quality.

The eyelashes Paperself can be found in two formats:

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Wedding Dresses for Beach Wedding

What are the right wedding dresses for a beach wedding? Getting married on the beach is an original idea, but also fun and as for the wedding dress, there is no definite rule to follow, the important thing is that the dress will fit the occasion and that is not uncomfortable.

The wedding should reflect the tastes and personality of the bride and groom and must adapt to the periods to celebrate. Summer is the best time to get married on the beach. The sea, the Sun, the beach and nature will make your wedding day extra special and memorable! Continue reading Wedding Dresses for Beach Wedding

Skirts for Fall 2015

Here are the skirts for fall 2015, the most beautiful models and style tips to avoid mistakes look.Short-and long, wide or narrow, from fashion runways come many different models to choose themost beautiful skirts for fall winter 2015-2016. Let us find out the skirts must have and ideas to create trendy outfits for every occasion.

Along with the 70’s style made of flared trousers and wide blouson, in cold weather the skirts will be center stage in all their variations. Pencil, pencil, long, short, wide or asymmetrical, the choice is really wide, not only for pattern and form, but also by color and fabric. From wool to the skin, vitamin colours at the most delicate nuances , here’s what you can not miss in your closets. Continue reading Skirts for Fall 2015

Precast Concrete Walls Pros and Cons

You may have heard of architectural projects built in recorded time. Raising houses in 03 days and working a week are frequent news in architecture and construction sites.

What you probably still do not know is that most of these projects use multi-laminar and precast concrete walls, novelty kinds of building materials in Brazil.

To answer your questions, the webpage made a dossier with all you need to know about precast concrete and multi-laminar walls, which already are available in the work, starting with the production of the material:

Making off

It all starts with the cutting and welding of metal structures made according to the paper of architectural design. They are the molds of concrete structures poured in module tables in a factory. Later, these molds can be reused, following the construction of industrialization trend.

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