Nails Decorated for Halloween

Spiders, ghosts, cobwebs and pumpkins: halloween nails 2011 themes with all the best photos of the new proposals.

The beauty of nails decorated changes from year to year even for Halloween 2011. If during 2010 was aimed especially at squared nails and rebuilt with gel, the most innovative decorations with pointy shapes and wants 2011 references to the world of witches. They come mainly from America’s finest ideas of nails in halloween themed and are rich in colors of autumn with lots of smilies drawn to invoke the magical story of this holiday. So, if you plan to make a truly unique Halloween look with costume and makeup , look at the pictures of the Halloween decorated nails that we have prepared for Continue reading Nails Decorated for Halloween

Techniques for River Fishing

Fishing is a hobby that never goes out of style. With the necessary permissions you can fish in rivers that are teeming with fish and get a nice booty. In this area there are several techniques that allow you to make more fruitful the ‘yield’. What are the techniques of fishing in the river? Let’s see it briefly in the following steps.

Fishing for recovery with the pen. The technique with the pen is very similar to that of a dancer and, like the latter, must never stop his movement. Usually this is considered basic and gets very successful especially in artificial lakes. Fishing recovery dancer. This technique is unique and quite effective, because by the movement caused by the lead will manage to attract fish very easily. The barrel exceeds four metres and the bait is natural.

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Mandatory Equipment Bicycle

What is mandatory gear wheels?

Although we use the term “mandatory equipment”, but this obligation is to ensure safe driving and cyclist visibility on the road.

The bicycle must be equipped with:

  1. two independent brakes odstupňovatelným effective control braking effect; Bicycles for preschoolers equipped with freewheel hub with coaster brake may not be equipped with a front brake,
  2. loose ends of the handlebar tube must be reliably sealed (plugs, handles, etc.)
  3. ending the brake control levers and the free ends of the handlebar must edges either enveloped energy-dissipating material, or (when used in solid materials) have edges with a radius of curvature less than 3.2 mm; derailleur lever, thumb screws, clamps the wheel hubs, brackets and the mudguard edges must be either encased energy-dissipating material, or (if used solid materials) have edges with a radius of at least 3.2 mm in one plane and the second plane perpendicular to it at least 2 mm,
  4. nut wheel hubs if they are not winged, quick release or in combination with end cap charge must be closed,
  5. rear red reflector, this reflector can be combined with a red rear lamp or replaced with reflective materials with similar characteristics; reflecting surface must not be less than 2000 mm 2, wherein the inscribed quadrilateral shall have one side at least 40 mm long, the device must be fixed to the median longitudinal plane of the bicycle or the left side as close to it at a height of 250-900 mm above the ground plane; illuminating surface must be perpendicular to the plane of the road within ± 15 °, and perpendicular to the longitudinal center plane of the bicycle with a tolerance of ± 5 °; reflective materials replacing rear reflector can be placed on their clothing or shoes cyclists
  6. front white reflector, the reflector can be replaced with reflective materials with similar characteristics; reflector must be located in the median longitudinal plane of the surface of the tire of the front wheel stationary bicycles; reflecting surface must not be less than 2000 mm 2, wherein the inscribed quadrilateral shall have one side at least 40 mm long, the illuminating surface must be perpendicular to the plane of the road with a tolerance of ± 15 ° and perpendicular to the median longitudinal plane of the bicycle, with a tolerance of ± 5; reflective materials to replace the reflector can be placed on their clothing or shoes cyclists
  7. reflective orange (autožluť) on both sides šlapátek (pedal), these reflectors can be replaced with light-reflecting material placed on their shoes or in their vicinity,
  8. rays on the front or rear wheels or two wheels at least one side retro reflector orange (autožluť) on each side of the wheel; reflecting surface must not be less than 2000 mm 2, wherein the inscribed quadrilateral shall have one side at least 20 mm long, such retro-reflectors may be replaced with reflective material on the sides of the wheel or on the sides of the tire casing or on the mudguard or side parts of the garment cyclists.

Bicycles for driving in reduced visibility must be equipped with the following lighting and light-signaling devices:

  1. searchlight shining white light forward; lamp shall be adjusted and modified permanently so that the reference axis flux intersects the plane of the road at a distance farthest 20 m from the lamp, and that this adjustment could spontaneously or unintentional interference with the driver change when the roadway is sufficiently and continuously illuminated headlamp may be replaced white lamp with flashing light,
  2. rear lamp red color, conditions for placing this lamp are identical to those for positioning and fixing of rear reflectors under paragraph. 1 point. E);rear red lamp can be combined with the rear reflector red under paragraph 1. E); rear red lamp can be replaced by a lamp with a red flashing light,
  3. a source of electricity in case of a supply source of energy, has the capacity, ensure the intensity of the lights under a) and b) for at least 1.5 hours without interruption.

LED Bulbs Emos

Insurmountable level are LEDs, which not only have a rich history, but the future belongs to them in the light.


The word LED stands for Light Emitting Diode word, ie. Solid-state electronic components that can emit light, infrared and ultraviolet radiation. That is the main difference between LED bulbs and standard LEDs. Slengově LEDs called “LEDs”.

These lamps are versatile in a variety of signaling devices. E.g. the lighting, LEDs, displays, etc.

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Etekcity 2-in-1 Cree 300 Lumens LED Flashlight

Quality materials, excellent battery life and a very special 2-in-1 system, is the 2-1 Etekcity 300 Cree flashlight, compact and with excellent value for money. More than 2-to-1 would be more correct to call it 3-in-1, in fact, besides being a good LED flashlight, thanks to a sliding system, turns into a camping lantern diffused light, and with the convenient USB port on the back, allows you to recharge mobile phones or power any device. Flashlight, lantern and power bank in single product: Let’s see what it is at Piercingflashlights.

Technical data 2-Etekcity 1 300 Cree flashlight

  • Cree XP-E LED single by 300 lumens with adjustable focus.
  • Rechargeable integrated with 2400mAh lithium-ion battery.
  • USB port to charge devices.
  • Anodized aluminum alloy body made with CNC process.
  • Diffused light sliding system.
  • Button for adjusting the light intensity + strobe mode.
  • Light temperature 6000-7500K.
  • Size 125mm x 30mm x 30mm.
  • Net weight 125g.
  • Included wrist strap.

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Nail Art Nail Art Ideas for Carnival

Approaching Carnival, and most creative girls cannot fail to take this party to show off the nails decorated and fashionable. The decoration for your nails will obviously be in theme with the disguise of your choice.

You can choose Princess murals, or witch, or music lover and cartoon characters, and so on.

So we’ll start with give you some ideas for nails decorated in a fun and at the same time studied in detail.

The incurable lovers of the world’s most famous cat, cannot fail to produce the sweet Hello Kitty Nail Art, adorable pink bow detail. Continue reading Nail Art Nail Art Ideas for Carnival

Easy Ghost Craft Halloween

To create a fun atmosphere for Halloween, you can make small cuts gauze. Make the most of it will be very easy.
To do this, you’ll need gauze, water, flour, and glass beads, slightly larger than the neck of the bottle.
Take a bowl and mix it with water to flour the flour should not be too much, we do not mix, but do not cook the dough.
Now take a piece of gauze measuring about 10 by 10 centimeters and how to pat the mixture.

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Cheap Cycling Clothing Sets

Our customer Pali after winter cycling test set, decided to use the opportunity of our cycling blog and share their impressions.

Surely you know it: ,, summer ends, even the Indian “and some of you faces serious decision: keep or neuschovat your bike in the garage ?!” Most cyclists it takes “sporty” and voluntarily go in winter to cross-country mode, the to keep fit as you wish. But there is also such (my case) who would like to osedlávali your bike as long as possible, and are looking for appropriate clothing.

I have a similar dilemma this season and I dealt with, so I decided to contact the official site. Recommended to me was winter cycling set SKY, which its material equipment and functional elements had to cope with lower temperatures (8-10˚C) and winter gloves brand Castelli.

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Wedding Night Lingerie

Once was white and modest, but the new Millennium brides love to experiment with color but primarily with fabrics “see-don’t see.”

Apparently a detail, the lingerie for wedding night must have requirements and will be chosen with the same care that you choose all other details concerning the wedding: a day when, as you know, everything tends to perfection, even if there is always something that didn’t go exactly as we planned. Continue reading Wedding Night Lingerie

Beautiful and Elegant Short Prom Dresses

Short prom Pronovias dresses. Normally, the collections of short evening party of major firms are characterized by the “near absence” of short dresses.But this trend is changing significantly in recent times and we are tremendously pleased! Distinction, sweetness and style are the maxims that proposals for the advancement of fashion 2013 party settle.

See the short dresses of Pronovias fiesta really is a delight, we cannot say that there is a dress that we don’t like, we all like and we want to have them all.Although the collection is for the 2013 these dresses with corset already you can find in stores.

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