Dainite Rubber Soles

Winter or fall, or when walking in the countryside, it is sometimes better not focus on the sacrosanct sole leather, in favor of a gum rubber sole. Norbert Bottier proposes the best of these insoles: the true sole English Dainite.

History of the Dainite sole

Since 1894, the Dainite English society traditionally based in Market Harborough (the old heart of the English industrial revolution) offers the best market rubber soles. According to IAMHigher, the brand, which is still owned by its founding family, quickly became the favorite of the British and international brands as soon as it is to design a shoe of winter resistant and non-slip, as our Winter template .

The name “Dainite” is a contraction of the phrase “day and night” (night and day) and refers to the zeal of the workshops of the company! This last proudly States have never skimped on the quality of its products… except to participate in the English war effort, in the darkest moments in its history.

The benefits of a rubber sole

Few manufacturers can compete with the quality of Dainite soles. Since the mid-1930s, the Italian company Albizatte offers the Vibram, a nonabrasive of high quality rubber sole too, but more suited to athletic shoes. She is recognizable by its yellow diamond-shaped logo.

Dainite rubber sole is now famous worldwide for its comfort and maximum grip. But she has another advantage: it also prevents dirt to nest in corners. So, they are very easy to clean.

Has the differences of many other rubber soles, the Dainite contain no trace of carbon so they leave no trace on the soil. They are also rich in minerals, such as silica and silicate of aluminum. This allows them to take beautiful colors (these insoles exist particularly in black and sepia) without risking to rub off.

Sole in rubber or leather soles?

At Norbert Bottier, we put a point of honour to offer than soles in leather quality on most of our models, with the exception of a few pairs, equipped with rubber soles for specific uses.Indeed, these two types of soles have different benefits!

As in all our other models, luxury shoes Norbert Bootmaker with Dainite soles are assembled into editing real Goodyear for maximum strength and durability.
The rubber sole offers much better insulation of the foot against the cold as well as a perfect wet weather sealing. That’s why we recommend it especially for the fall and winter.But it also offers an excellent grip which makes the companion of your walks.

Unlike a sole leather which will be gradually to your foot, the rubber sole is comfortable from the first port.

Of course, leather soles have the advantage of elegance and and be able to gradually adapt to your foot in order to achieve maximum comfort, while the rubber sole will remain in place. Leather insoles can also make better breathe the foot and evacuate sweat generated by the market.

Conclusion: for your daily outfit and for formal events where you have to be elegant, prefer leather soles. But when you deal with are at the wrong time, rubber soles will be your best ally !

At Norbert Bottier Dainite rubber soles

Did you know? It is quite possible to repair a shoe with a sole leather traditional by replacing it with a gum at Norbert Bottier Dainite sole.