Cyanogen Inc. Wants to Continue to Grow as a Company Thanks to Its New Management Team

Since the Group’s most famous cooks of the Android scene to become for-profit company, the Cyanogen Team has followed his way slowly but surely to grow as a firm.

The first was the change in its corporate image, then the agreements to be present in such media as the OnePlus One, and finally terminals the signing of a new management team with extensive experience in the industry.

Thus, Steve Kondik will begin to work closely with Dave Herman, Tyler Carper and Vik Natarajan, three new faces well-known on the market and will surely bring much to the expansion of Cyanogen Inc.

Dave Herman has previously worked for Amazon, Hulu, or Microsoft, always involved in the part of marketing announcing new projects. Thus, in its incorporation to Cyanogen Inc. It will focus on the promotion of the product.

For his part, Tyler Carper will take care of leading the team of software engineering, something it has already done in HTC and Microsoft Xbox software group.

The third in discord, Vik Natarajan, has worked in MediaTek and Broadcom, and has extensive experience in the world of hardware. Has been hired to take care of the relations with partners and distribution, In addition to improving the relations with the partners and the optimization of the system through hardware.

As we say, a new step in the growth of Cyanogen Inc. as signs in the mobile industry, although there are still many gaps to improve in-house, since monetization of Cyanogen business is not very clear, and also the progress of the work exclusively to Oppo and OnePlus have not yet reached adulthood, seen the problems that have delayed the OnePlus one.