Custom Vest: Tips

The denim vests are a true classic of fashion and recently emerged repaginated, in more modern versions, with applications of stones, tacks, fabrics, laces and even new colours, as in the case of tie-dye, which has gained increasingly more space. Learn how to customize your vest with new trends at home.

Tips for Custom Vest


Spikes can be applied in the denim vests in various ways. For example, in vests with front pockets, it is possible to cover the pockets of studs, placing spikes in the area under the shoulders, filling the collars with tacks or putting tacks scattered. Makes a line of tacks just beneath the shoulder, draw a large cross of only one side of the vest or on your back with spikes, sprinkle the back of the vest also with spikes, apply tacks only on the shoulders, as if it were a kind of shoulder strap, among others.

To apply the spikes in the jeans vest, just a pliers for costume jewelry, a lot of imagination, patience and some tacks. Before you start applying, the ideal is to draw a line with pencils, which will be followed by spikes. Just put the spike open, with enough force and then use the pliers to close the edges without hurting your fingers.

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Tissue application

Tissue application leaves the super-modern and unique vest and is still very easy to do. To begin with, you must choose the tissue to your liking. More modern girls can opt for prints like animal print, Jaguar and zebra, already the sweetest can choose floral prints, which are delicate and super feminine.

In time to customize your vest, simply choose the area where you will apply the stamp and then cut the fabric of the right size. The seam can be handmade, with well kid and close stitches, made very carefully, or in sewing machine, which gives a better finish and durability.

Application of income

The rents are beautiful and they leave the super feminine vests. A good tip is to bet on the sheath-type laces, which are sold by Metro in Haberdashery and can be easily applied in the shoulder area, on the ledges, in the sleeve, in pockets, among others, giving a touch of delicacy in a piece that has more masculine air.

The skulls are also fashionable, and a good tip is to cut the income in the form of skull, star, heart, or any other format and then apply to the back of the vest, leaving it even more beautiful and modern.

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