Crochet Beach Outlets: 73 Fashion Models and Recipes!

Organizing the beach bag, always includes a bikini and/or a bathing suit, but the suitcase does not end there, there are also accessories and a piece that can not miss is the beach exit, after all, after diving in the sea, no You can miss that little outfit on the bikini to give it an extra charm. And speaking of charm, the trend for next summer promises to be the crochet beach outs.

If last summer the crochet beach exits were already appearing between the beach fashion , this year end the piece promises to be total trend, and if you do not want to stay out of this style, see which models will be in high and graphics And recipes to make your own beach outing.

Models of Crochê Beach Exits


The staple stitch is a technique that differs from the traditional crochet stitches , because stitches do not form designs and the line gets looser on straight stitches. The result is beautiful and a charm for the loosest pieces, including for models of crochet beach outlets.

This beach outfit with staple stitch is a shorter and fringed option at the end, according to physicscat. The more open points show the bikini underneath and so you can leave the look all the show and in a beach clothes and cool.

In this beach look proposal , inspiration is a long way out with staple stitches. The model was made with black line, which leaves the neutral piece to match different colors and bikini styles.

Secret point

The secret point is another type of crochet point that runs away from the traditional. The appearance of this type of stitch are crochet hooks with spaces between them, leaving the stitch open and valuing the crochet beach outlets.

In this proposal crochet point, the bet was for a beach exit with neckline shoulder to shoulder and length in the middle of the thigh.The sleeves follow an intermediate length, and the red line highlights the white bikini worn underneath the piece.

Among the models of crochet beach outlets, the proposal for this look was a simple piece as a straight dress and sleeveless, The line blended in orange color enhances the piece and gives a gorgeous tonal mix that enhances the tan body .

Pineapple point

The pineapple point is an old acquaintance of those who already work with the crochet needles. The dot forms a pineapple-like drawing, which can be used as a detail of the piece and mixed with other simple points, or as a basis for all beachwear.

In this proposal of beach look, the exit was made of yellow line and the pineapple point decorates the part of the collar and the bust. Throughout the piece the bet was to use low and open points, which are simple and keep the highlight for the pineapple point that is at the top of the piece.

Among the options of crochet beach outlets with pineapple point, this model is a beautiful option! The piece was made with gold thread, and the point worked occupies most of the dress, being accompanied by another point (simple and open) that make up the part of the dress skirt.

With fringe

This beach outlet was inspired by fringed crochet blouses . The model that follows the style of a blouse with stitches open up to the navel height, has long fringes that extend to the heel and leave the super modern and current piece to rock in the visual beachwear.

If you like to wear only a tank top over your bikini, you can bet on this model of part among the crochet beach outlets. The piece is a shorter sweater in the front with longer fringes, which are at the height of the thighs.

The tubinho style dress was proposed for the beach exit, and to make the piece the bet was to use closed stitches with small spans and at the end long fringes that leave the most modern piece.

Long sleeve

The long sleeves on the beach leave the more sophisticated look for the crochet beach outlets. And in this model the bet was to make a piece with small open stitches and white line , leaving the look neutral and ideal to match different colors of bikinis and swimsuits.

If the idea is a more loose beach, it is worth following this inspiration to leave the neckline more open and with shoulder drop, which is contemporary and gives a sexy air to the piece. The model was made with red string and open stitches, which blend with designs.

This model of beach exit with long sleeve is very similar to the previous one and the open points among the designs value the piece. The look still has the detail of the small buttons on the part of the bust, which allow to open the piece a little.


In the style of the long crochet dresses , the bet was on the long long beach exit. Here the model has pineapple point on the top and the skirt is predominantly of chain style points. To break a little of the simple points of the skirt, there is the detail of a vertical line with pineapple points and the same point is repeated in the barred.

In this proposal of beach look, the bet was to choose a long model and 7/8 sleeve between the crochet beach exits. The stitches used throughout the play are repeated and form mandalas style designs , which draw all the clothes and highlight the beach dress.


If the idea is the colorful crochet beach outs, this model is a great inspiration. Here the part of the bust has closed points and in the part of the skirt the points are opened. The colors chosen for the composition of the piece were:

  • Black;
  • Green;
  • Yellow;
  • Pink.

If the idea is a colorful and discreet piece, it is worth betting on this model. With short length, the output is marked by the composition of white and shades of blue, which form designs on the clothing and value the part of the neckline that has a rhombus design with closed stitches.

Open in front

The models of open crochet beach outlets in the front are also great options, and beautiful as well are practical. In this model, the piece consists of frills on the sleeves and the barred, and to close the beach exit, there are some buttons on the front, which allows to leave the piece semi closed.

For this model the option was to make an exit that goes up to the knee height and colored dots that form drawings throughout the piece. The outlet was still worn with a crochet bikini model, but could also be worn with a crochet swimsuit ; Maintaining the harmony in the look.

For chubby (Plus size)

The beachwear for those who are overweight also allows the use of crochet beach outlets, after all comes from “that can, not that” rules. Of course, some models help to stretch the silhouette and value the body, as in the case of this model in which it follows the style of neckline V and ends in the barred, creating the vertical idea and stretching the body.

How to do step by step graph and recipe

If you liked the models and want to make one or more options of crochet beach outlets, we separated models with graphics and recipes and tutorials in videos to give an extra help. Then run to get the needles and the string!

Ready for beach fashion with crochet beach outlets? There are lots of beautiful models, and surely you will not want to be without such a piece in the beach bag, are not you !?