Creek Evolution 50 (A) in the Test

The so-called “small” enjoy the cheapest integrated amplifier by Creek since ever and the greatest affection. So exciting is the question of whether a brand new evolution can still increase the love 50 A for pleasant 845 euro.

Even though Michael understands Creek without a doubt much of amplifiers , the Englishman surrounded himself always liked with other gurus. For example, with Alex Niktitin, who designed the legendary amplifier circuit of 5350 SE (with MOSFETs connected in series). Or now with David Gamble, represented a particularly brave philosophy in the design of the new evolution 50 A . Goes all over the world in the other direction, gamble sought an extra high open-loop gain . By a negative feedback even more violent reducing them, she brings also more corrections.

Much equipment for little money

The modern music lover, which already requires an omnipotent amplifier for 845 Euro concludes “I care not big, but will be already right”. And it goes without saying one fitted in a thick, clean brushed aluminum front – has a panel that can offer various menus. In the case of the new evolution 50 A one that varies the brightness of illuminated letters, orders the also – or headphone only operation or plays just the balance or tone controls.

In the course of these operations , the left source knob also responds to pressure. Mute is made by tip on the right volume Dreher. That the new Creek not only optional Phonoteilen (sequel 40 MM, 130 euros; Sequel 54 MC, 185 euro), but for 135 euro a home offers also a radio part , pleased. Especially since the British good old FM part and not as a module for the island, supposedly so popular DAB offer – or even for the completely schwachsinninge German DAB + with lousy radio quality. For the price range, the new Creek offers also an enormous connectivity.

Creek evolution 50 A: connections

Two inputs directly to the power amplifier may correspond if necessary: not only for the Surroundfan, insert the front signals of a very important feature wants to, but also for the budding Highender. Creek has the right Player evolution 50 D equipped with an extra low-loss volume control and with ambitious class A output stage. ERGO, there is the probability that the Creek-Kombi – bypassing the preamp stages and the rule ICs in the 50 A – very very excellent sounds. And almost exaggerated: that the owner to all this can try a coaxial and a balanced bridge and stay with the better.

If you want it just vice versa. The 50 A pre outs has, so he keeps here also as a precursor and may flirt with an external power amplifier. He must not, AUDIO capable quite own, extensive competences the 200-Watt transformer of the Creek amp. As well the Six 3300 micro Farad capacitors, must not be ashamed because of their smallness. On the contrary, thanks to the multiple parallel connections help – even the power envelope compared to large-Ko.

Anyway its effusions cannot flow then any, but – per channel – two exquisite push-pull transistors by declined to. And such, that in their case the driver transistors equal in the “Darlington”-piggy-back included (STD 03 N and P). Befitting to this trigger, gamble was enough a previous driver and a difference counter clock in the input stage. He equipped but the latter with numerous transistor helpers. So with plenty bubbling so-called power sources, which strongly increase the gain on the one hand and on the other hand ensure that the employees with pathway semiconductors not in sweat.

Enthusiasm in the listening room

Well, at the preliminary stage gamble was thinking about then but on the one hand on the budget and on the other hand – sake – fleet operating a not too extensive programmability. That’s why he entrusted the input gain, the volume and the tone controls a single module (NJW1194V), who possesses the necessary tax contacts from House. This applies not to forget it, that this construct of the company new Japan Radio (which, after all, even the most high end muses level builds!) in the case of the new Creek player completely circumvented can. And Lo and behold: to switch through the line and the balanced input to the power amplifier, Creek is then rather sealed Gold contact relays.

On the measuring instruments resulted the 50 but also in the normal operation of the amplifier A wacker. Fit the line disturbance by over 90 decibels, the Englishman can be 2 x 87 watts RMS power see, distortion remained – to increase up to on a moderate slope at higher frequencies – in part. No wonder, then, that the new Creek in the room got enthusiastic encouragement.

Hearing test

Especially for the arts, not just as freshly polished and clean as a whistle, but extremely fast and nimbly represent about Piano runs . No matter whether with 12-string notes, nylon – or electric guitar, the art of a virtuoso like Dominic Miller 50A – tenderest ramifications and corpus Nachschwingungen – with for the price range of fantastic Feinnervigkeit represented. That even this had to watch this amplifier class date resplendent gloss light. Creek formidable Evo 2 (780 euro) liked to twist and turn like he wanted, to the even more agile and detail versesseneren newcomer he did not ran.

But also because he saw the notes not only from Jux and whim “heavier”, he included it in a calmer Fluidum, provided them with more emphasis and more weighty abundance in space. And so, soon also discs came off where the jury more Preferred the ancient Creek. So Angelique Kidjo ripped out equally the listener on both amplifiers for “Voodoo child” from the album “Oremi”–at 50 A the voice held breath, when the EVO 2 more guts. Then hit the Foot drum punches as he get there far across from waberte for a fast subsonic bass , the new Evo 50 A wich back rather scary, while still most enamored of this bustle the oldie. Rich, powerful, opposite the old, fresh, nimble and brilliant new: With his 50 A Creek offers no successor resounding in every way – but one almost highendige alternative.


It came, as it had to happen. Creek had climbed at the low-priced integrated amplifiers before year and day Mount Olympus. And yet offered improvements from version to version. Because miracles are not infinitely repeat, marks new 50 A no real step forward. Or? With the appropriate CD a second time must occur the 50A – constellation of the combination could make the thing in a new light.